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U.S. Communities is the leading national cooperative purchasing program for:

  • Finally, an easy way to upgrade with quality you can trust.

    As an institutional facility, you want to make the most efficient use of your dollars while improving the visitor experience and results. Graybar can help. A simple change to LED tubes in your current fixtures will do that!

    How do we make it fast for you?

    • Easy-to-replace tubes (your team can do it)
    • Electric savings of more than 60%
    • Graybar’s ROI, product staging, and utility rebate assistance


  • Dell Latitude 3150 Notebook for $299.99

    Just for K-12 organizations only! Dell + Microsoft have teamed up to offer a special priced Dell Latitude 3150 Notebook. Now, you have an option to Chromebooks with a Latitude attitude. Valid until April 2017.


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