U.S. Communities


U.S. Communities is the leading national cooperative purchasing program for:

  • GameTime Playground Grants

    Playground Wishes Granted

    Through October 31, GameTime is offering up to 100% matching funds for new playground projects. Apply today for a playground grant helping your community bring more play to children and families. 


  • Work Smarter with U.S. Communities and Massey Ferguson

    4600M Series

    We're offering the best deals ever on the 4600M Series. Ideal for loader work, snow removal, mowing and any other job you throw at it. Contact your nearest dealer to take advantage of this limited time offer.


  • Which Lighting Solution is Best for Your Office?

    Every space has a purpose, and that purpose leads to a specific lighting solution.

    • Safety: Bright and well-lit to meet the highest safety standards
    • Productivity: Designed for work-high energy and enhanced employee mood
    • Prestige: Deliver a fabulous first impression


  • New Enterprise Agreement Specifically for U.S. Communities

    Insight and Microsoft have worked together to set up a government enterprise agreement specifically for U.S. Communities registered agencies. Through this agreement, agencies of all sizes will be able to qualify for government-specific pricing with a minimum of just 25 qualified users/devices. All Microsoft software, including all cloud offerings, can be purchased through this agreement.


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