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U.S. Communities is the leading national cooperative purchasing program for:

  • New Enterprise Agreement Specifically for U.S. Communities

    Insight and Microsoft have worked together to set up a government enterprise agreement specifically for U.S. Communities registered agencies. Through this agreement, agencies of all sizes will be able to qualify for government-specific pricing with a minimum of just 25 qualified users/devices. All Microsoft software, including all cloud offerings, can be purchased through this agreement.


  • Early Bird Savings

    Save on Play Systems and Outdoor Fitness

    • Up to 30% off our catalog play systems
    • Free shipping on catalog fitness systems
    • All promo orders placed will be entered to win 1 of 2 Expression Swings


  • Dell Latitude 3150 Notebook for $299.99

    Just for K-12 organizations only! Dell + Microsoft have teamed up to offer a special priced Dell Latitude 3150 Notebook. Now, you have an option to Chromebooks with a Latitude attitude. Valid until April 2017.


  • Sports Lighting Solutions by Eaton

    Eaton's Ephesus lighting provides high-output LED lighting for sports venues of all sizes, including ballparks and recreation and municipal fields, with the introduction of the All Field Series. The All Field series delivers quality light with features intended for municipal and scholastic sports fields.

    • Reduces glare and spill
    • Control options
    • Maintenance-free design
    • Ideal for retrofitting


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