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U.S. Communities Earns the NIGP Accredited Cooperative Program Distinction

U.S. Communities is the first cooperative purchasing program to earn the NIGP Accredited Cooperative (NAC) accreditation. 

NIGP established the NIGP Accredited Cooperative program in 2015 to preserve the integrity of cooperative practice as a long-term, viable procurement option and to quickly identify those programs that can demonstrate the highest standard of practice in the cooperative marketplace.

NAC accreditation requires cooperative programs to undergo a rigorous assessment process conducted by the NIGP Consulting program.  The NAC standard’s 141 criteria are applied across three domains of cooperative procurement practice:

  • Cooperative Program Management
  • Contracting Agency Management
  • Contracting Processes

Every contracting agency and contract identified for assessment must earn a minimum score of 90% to qualify the program for NAC Accreditation. Thus, successfully achieving consistently high scores across independent agencies and the contracts they establish is quite difficult.

NAC accreditation is awarded for a three-year period.  Prior to the term’s expiration, accredited programs must undergo reassessment for compliance with the then-current NAC standard in order sustain their accreditation status. 

Download the NAC flyer to learn about how U.S. Communities standards were able to achieve the NAC Accreditation.

Read the full NIGP Press Release.

View the U.S. Communities award details.

NEWS, June 26, 2017: U.S. Conference of Mayors (USCM) unanimously passes resolution calling on elected officials to promote the use of NIGP Accredited Cooperatives as the first source when using cooperative purchasing. Read the full resolution. (located at the bottom of the page)



NAC Accredited Cooperative
Hear from Jack Adger CPPO, CPPB, and NIGP Governing Board Chair, on the importance of the NIGP Cooperative Accreditation.

NIGP Accreditation Guide

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