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COIN: The Innovation Network for Government

COIN has been specifically designed for the use of county and local government leaders, officials and their teams, to make their day-to-day work more efficient and effective through peer-to-peer knowledge sharing and collaboration nationally.

COIN is brought to you by the partnership of National Association of Counties (NACo) and Solutionize Inc., leaders in community collaboration services. NACo steers the community direction and governance, and Solutionize developed the service, manages and evolves it. The partnership has developed usage policies and governance processes that will ensure optimum collaboration and communications, while meeting strict privacy requirements.

Your County is an Innovation Hub if:

  • Your county takes risk by embracing new technology before other counties do
  • Your county implements innovative solutions to reduce the cost of county operations and enhance service delivery to its county residents
  • Your county provides shared services to its municipalities and other counties
  • Your county reduces knowledge risk for all other counties by making more informed decisions to implement innovative solutions

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For more information, please contact support@countyinnovation.us

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