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  • Citrix Offering Available through Technology Contract

    Addressing mounting security concerns, constant budgetary constraints, and evolving regulations are at the forefront of government business today. At the same time, many agency IT departments struggle with management of multiple devices, legacy system migrations, and data center consolidations. Today's digital government needs seamless on-demand access to applications and data while optimizing networks, reducing costs, and enhancing workforce productivity. Listen to Citrix as they outline how their solutions can help build a comprehensive strategy to solve these challenges.

  • Actionable Steps to Save on Building Energy and Costs

    Buildings consume almost half of the world’s energy and the majority of it can be attributed to heating, ventilation, air conditioning (HVAC) and lighting systems. The transformation to connected buildings is happening and it’s real. How can you leverage it? On this webinar, Trane will discuss how new visualization tools and building strategies can allow you to take actionable steps and achieve significant annual savings with little or no capital cost, nothing to install and no delay in results.

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