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  • Information Governance - Identify the Value, Risk and Cost of Your Data

    When data volumes go up-visibility goes down-and risk exposure skyrockets. Over time, many of you have pursued a "store everything" approach for all of your data. U. S. Communities participants need information insight that will empower you to make decisions about what data to keep and what to delete. Veritas' Information Governance portfolio arms you with a three-step approach to gain visibility, take action, and assume control over their information. Listen now to learn how to leave junk data behind, minimize your security exposure, reduce your storage costs, and put your best information to work!

  • The Hidden Potential of Your Energy Bill

    Energy costs are often the largest single controllable expense for many institutions, yet few are aware of the many savings opportunities hidden within the utility bill. On this webinar, Trane energy industry experts will share strategies and best practices that could be easily implemented to reduce energy costs as well as the right approach to a holistic energy plan to help meet business and sustainability goals.