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Cooperative Purchasing in New Jersey - LFN Packets

Eliminate the costs associated with competitive bids and reduce the time and resources needed for contract solicitation—­­at no cost.

Agencies in New Jersey can take advantage of cost savings for products and services through U.S. Communities' cooperative purchasing contracts. U.S. Communities aggregates the purchasing power of more than 90,000 public agencies nationwide by offering participating public agencies the ability to make purchases through existing, competitively solicited contracts between a supplier and a lead public agency. 

To show contract compliance, U.S. Communities supplier partners compiled Vendor LFN packets for agencies to download and keep on record. 


State Statutes
Access the New Jersey Intergovernmental Purchasing Statutes.

Cooperative Standards
Not all purchasing cooperatives are equal. Use this helpful information when choosing cooperative contracts to ensure best value and protection for you and your agency.

U.S. Communities contracts are established to meet both the competitive solicitation and consent requirements. Access to U.S. Communities contracts includes consent to a Master Intergovernmental Cooperative Purchasing Agreement.


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