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Staffing Solutions

Acro Provides Multiple Options to Meet Your Staffing Needs

We are excited to announce the new award for the staffing services and related services and solutions contract. 

This contract delivers comprehensive products and services to meet your staffing solution needs and help you lower your outsourced staffing solutions costs. Not only will agencies be able to save on staffing services, but also on managed service provider solutions and related services and solutions such as recruitment, payroll and temp-to-hire services.

Acro Service Corporation provides temporary staffing services across a wide range of job categories at predetermined prices, and then streamlines managing multiple temporary staffing providers in a single point of contact through its Managed Service Provider (MSP) program. MSP services are typically only possible for large organizations, but Acro is offering this service for all U.S. Communities participants, no matter how small. Acro is also a diversity supplier and fills positions with talent in your local community.