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Acro Service Corporation was awarded a competitively bid contract entitled “Temporary Personnel and Related Services” through Lead Public Agency Maricopa County, Arizona that provides U.S. Communities Participants immediate access to Acro Service Corporation’s Government Staffing and Technology Solutions. The program provides a number of options to participants including our Managed Staffing Program (MSP), XRM℠ Solutions, supported by our industry leading Vendor Management System (VMS) XRM℠ System; Acro’s Staffing, a National staffing program providing temporary, temporary to direct and direct placement; IT services including on-site, off site and offshore IT design and management projects.


Acro provides three key components for this contract

  • Information Technology Solutions, including software development and maintenance, and IT systems design and maintenance. These services can be delivered on a project based Statement of Work at your facility, on our facility, or offshore at our facilities in India.
  • Staffing Services, these services are the typical temporary personnel services provided on an as needed basis. Acro provides IT, Professional, Clerical, Light Industrial and Technical personnel through our offices throughout the United States or through our network of Associate Vendors. Services are delivered as temporary, temporary to direct, payroll services, and direct placement.
  • Managed Staffing Provider (MSP) services, XRM℠ Solution is the cornerstone of the service offering that provides the most comprehensive solution to the U.S. Communities participants.

This solution is all encompassing and provides both hard and soft dollar savings. The XRM℠ Solution is a professionally designed and managed service supported by our “State of the Art” vendor management system – XRM℠ System, a web based application that manages all processes required to for an efficient enterprise wide contingent worker program, which includes:

  • Single point of contact for staffing of ALL temporary labor categories
  • Competitive national pricing structure for both recruited and payroll service
  • Standardized ordering, engagement and on/off-boarding processes
  • Broader and faster access to the “entire” potential candidate pool, through our Associate Vendor network
  • Consolidated time capture/approval, invoicing, and reporting
  • Reduced administrative burden for Client staff
  • Creative and tested solutions/options for “truly unique” situations
  • Program Management Office that is the liaison between your departments, the contingent staff and sub contract staffing companies

The XRM℠ Solution utilizes local, regional and national staffing supplier to recruit and provide your temporary staffing needs. In most cases we can maintain many of the same suppliers you use today under our agreement. All sub contractors, our Associate Vendors, are required to abide by all terms, conditions and pricing of our agreement and will realize the benefit of additional business without additional cost. The Acro Program Manager is responsible as a liaison between the Associate Vendors and the client.

MSP services have become commonplace in today’s commercial sector with over 80% of Fortune 500 companies either presently using the services or actively looking for a solution.

“XRM℠ Solutions Does Not Sell You Temporary Personnel Services, We Buy Temporary Services for You”


The Acro Service Corporation MSP program gives the participants the benefits of a single point of contact with multiple local, regional and national staffing suppliers through our Affiliate Vendor Program. In many cases the participant will have the opportunity to continue to receive services through present successful suppliers. The Program offers a number of value ads, including; the XRM℠ System, program design and management, in-depth program data, national pricing, standard processes and consolidated invoicing.

U.S. Communities participants will realize tremendous savings both in hard dollar and process efficiencies. Through XRM℠ System, participants will have extensive data on the program, expenditures, performance metrics and other critical data needed to effectively manage and budget for the program. The XRM℠ Solution has extensive spend management capabilities allowing the participant, along with Acro, to see the savings realized through the program and target areas where additional savings can be targeted. Our goal for the program design is to provide the participant with:

  • Reduced Cost – Elimination of price and other cost anomalies through the application of standardized pricing, policies, and target billing rates.
  • Faster Delivery of Candidates and Usage Data – Through the user-friendly automation of consistent candidate delivery and on-boarding processes
  • Improved Candidate Quality – By creating a “level playing field” of opportunity for a larger Supplier base.
  • Increased Compliance and Reduced Administrative Burdens – Through automation and by adhering to industry and Client-driven “Best Practices".

Faster Delivery
Best Available Talent at the Lowest Possible Fair Price!


Pricing is based on the State and category of labor. Each tab in the associated pricing sheets indicates the NTE bill rates for each labor category and classification. Payroll services, direct placement, and temporary to direct are all listed in the appropriate pricing sheets.


How do I place an order with Acro Service Corporation?
Contact our Director of Sales Operations, Doug Cloutier to discuss the options that are right for your organization. He can be reached at 1 800 844 2276 ext 4203.

Who is Acro Service Corporation
Acro Service Corporation (Acro), is a Livonia, Michigan based, minority owned and operated corporation that was established in 1982. The company is a highly qualified provider of professional services specializing in staffing, human capital management solutions, technology consulting and outsourcing. Acro is one of the nation’s top 100 providers of staffing and related services, with offices throughout the United States.

Who can participate in the Acro-U.S. Communities program?
States, State Agencies, Counties, Cities, Schools, Colleges and Universities, Non-Profits and Special Districts.

What is covered under the Acro-U.S. Communities contract?
Our contract includes three options for contracting temporary personnel including staffing services, IT project based solutions, and our Managed Staffing Program (MSP) – eXternal Resource Management solutions - XRM℠ Solution utilizing our web based Vendor Management System – XRM℠ System.

What is the difference between temporary staffing and Managed Staffing Services (MSP)?
In a typical temporary staffing environment a client will utilize a variety of staffing suppliers to service their temporary personnel needs. This requires coordination between all of the various suppliers managing multiple processes, price disparity, and multiple invoices. An MSP solution is a one stop shop providing the benefit of a single supplier, but the resources of multiple suppliers. Acro’s MSP manages all of the processes required to manage a contingent workforce program including the management of a network of staffing suppliers, all compliance issues, standard processes, consolidated invoicing, and through the XRM℠ System extensive program data/reporting. In addition, our process manages all compliance items required for the program such as drug and background checks, credential checks, skill testing and evaluation, eVerify, and other critical compliance issues required prior to starting an assignment.

How will an MSP save us money?
Two key areas of cost savings is in the aggressive national pricing that all of our suppliers adhere to, as well as the soft savings realized through process improvements, decision support data on program performance, and reduced internal administrative employees’ involvement in the process.

Why use MSP instead of the temporary staffing program we presently use?
Most clients have no real solid data on the performance of their present staffing program including metrics on the performance of their vendors, their typical usage patterns, pricing and spending trends, and the total number of temporaries on board at any selected time. The MSP will provide a streamlined, automated program that collects data at every step in the process and can provide feedback via online real-time reporting. In addition, our Program Management Office will work directly with the Associate Vendor and become the single point of contact for all interaction with vendors. Acro also allows new Associate Vendors to apply and become a vendor to the program at any time, versus needing to wait for the traditional bid cycle. This allows for local businesses to gain access to orders from their local public agencies, making for a stronger business community. In addition, purchasing, accounts payable, and program administrators only needs to go to one place for all issues related to the program.

What is required to get an MSP program implemented?
At the onset of the program, we gather in-depth details about your present state and how your present program is being operated. From present state, we make recommendations and begin the design of a program that will work for your organization. In our vast experience we understand that every organization has unique requirements and we work with those to make them a part of our design considerations. In every staffing program there are nine key processes that are consistent. The major differences are usually in the pre-employment requirements such as drug and background checks, reference check requirements, skills testing and evaluation, and other items specific to the department or agency.

Do we need to use the MSP program for all our temporary staffing? Or can we keep using our present program in certain areas?
The Acro program provides the opportunity to mix and match our service offerings, as well as the option for departments to decide what works best for them. A particular area may wish not be a part of the program and continue to use the program they are presently using. We are confident that once they see the benefits of our program, they will make the decision to switch.

Can you let our present suppliers become a part of the program?
Yes, our goal is to provide consistency in the program by allowing present suppliers to become a part of the program. Once identified, we have a standard process to evaluate and make an offer to the supplier to become a program participant. They must agree to the terms of the flow down agreement, pricing, and program performance requirements. Once a part of the program we evaluate their performance on a regular basis. Inclusion in the program can mean increased business without increasing their internal cost, as well as reducing their internal cost of supporting the program. The program is a win-win for both you and the suppliers.

Do you have local offices in all major areas?
Although Acro has offices throughout the United States, and we have employees placed in all 50 states either directly through Acro Staffing or one of our Associate Vendors, our MSP services do not require us to have offices in every location and it would be impossible for any service to have an office in every conceivable location where U.S. Communities participants need temporary staffing services. Today we provide our MSP services to many Fortune 500 clients that require services nationally. Our web-based application and our dedicated Associate Vendor management allows us too rapidly ramp up our services in any geographical area, identify the local services, and add them to our list of Associate Vendors to support a client in any area.

Does my agency need to be a member of ASBO, NACO, USCM, NIGP or NLC to participate?
No. Any qualified agency can participate in the program.

My state requires local governments to bid everything. Can local governments in my state use this program without going out to bid?

Yes. This contract has been competitively bid by a government agency. Through the Joint Powers Authority or an inter-local agreement, local governments can "piggy-back" this competitively bid contract through U.S. Communities. This satisfies the competitive bid requirements in most states. See state by state laws on intergovernmental purchasing.

What does a government agency need to do in order to participate?
Complete the free online registration found on the U.S. Communities website (click here). During the registration process, you will be asked to mark suppliers you are interested in. The suppliers that you select will contact you with detailed pricing and ordering information.

My agency is already a U.S. Communities participant? How do I register to purchase from Acro?
Contact Acro at 1-800-844-2276 ext 4203 for more information and to learn more about the Acro temporary staffing options

Is there a fee associated with joining U.S. Communities?
No. There are no costs or user fees to the local agency to participate or register.

Can more than one person at my agency register?
Yes, additional users can register by completing the standard registration process; the system will automatically unify all registrations that use the same TIN under one agency account. Alternately, existing users can add new users from within their account.

Managing Your Temporary Staffing Spend

Maintaining comprehensive oversight of temporary staffing utilization and costs can be daunting. Often, individual departments are handling their own hiring so efficiencies are not maximized and reporting is decentralized. During this recorded webinar, learn how to utilizing a managed staffing program can provide comprehensive reporting and analytics, reduce expenses, help meet diversity goals, and improve the processing of staffing requisitions.


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