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Advance Auto Parts, Carquest & Autopart International

We offer the broadest import and domestic parts availability in North America and the best OE (Original Equipment) premium and professional grade products you need. We also have access to the inventories of import specialists like WORLDPAC® and Autopart International®.

We’ve used our years of experience and our extensive parts knowledge to design a program specifically for government fleets, including:

  • Education
  • Parks and Recreation
  • Housing Authorities
  • Public Safety
  • Facilities
  • Auto Fleet and Equipment
  • Public Works

With access to more than 6,500 stores throughout North America and 24/7 online ordering, we have the capability to serve all your product needs:

  • Light duty
  • Heavy duty
  • Paint and body
  • Tools and equipment 

Our promise is simple, but strong: Professional quality parts, service and solutions dedicated to the professional.

We are committed to providing the lowest public sector pricing available through the U.S. Communities contract. All U.S. Communities participating agencies will receive the best public sector pricing available from Advance Auto Parts (which also includes Carquest Auto Parts and Autopart International). 

Auto Parts for All Departments

Vehicle fleets are as varied as the many departments and functions they serve, and each fleet has unique parts and service needs that have to be met to ensure safety and reliability. When you partner with us, you have access to the broadest import and domestic parts availability in North America, the best OE, premium, and professional grade products, and years of industry experience.

High quality auto parts and products for these agencies and departments:

Education: Heavy duty filters, brakes, batteries, including a wide selection of school bus parts

Parks and Recreation: Batteries; parts and accessories for tractors, Gator utility vehicles, golf carts, and ATVs; and Lubricants/greases

Housing Authorities: Parts and accessories for light duty cars and trucks

Public Safety: Lighting; wipers; pursuit vehicle braking solutions; Heavy duty brakes, filters, and batteries for ambulances; flashlights and roadside kits; generators, air compressors, and other equipment

Facilities: Shop supplies; chemicals and cleaners; shop repair tools and equipment  

Auto Fleet & Equipment: Brakes, batteries, filters, undercar, rotating electrical, heating/cooling, engine management, tools and equipment, shop supplies, heavy duty

Public Works: Cooling system components (A/C), in-depth repairs, electrical, undercar, engine


In addition to reduced procurement costs and knowing that your agency easily meets the requirements for competitive solicitation, relying on us for your fleet’s needs comes with numerous other benefits, including:

  • Access to the broadest import and domestic parts availability in North America with more than 99% coverage in key categories, including access to the inventories of import specialists like WORLDPAC and Autopart International
  • Strategically placed distribution centers and the largest inventory network in the industry 
  • Robust B2B e-commerce capabilities with 24/7 online ordering
  • Access to Commercial Parts Pros, Commercial Account Managers and Mobile Parts Pros who are dedicated to serving fleet customers
  • Carquest Technical Institute® (CTI) provides industry-leading educational instruction in technical and business management for service facility owners, shop managers, service consultants and professional technicians
  • Carquest stores provide access to a strong, independent network that performs at a high level with all current national agreements
  • An extensive field sales and operations force means we have professionals available to you in the field, where they can help you most
  • Inside Solutions Provider Network and internal inventory management capabilities for high-volume customers

How do I place an order?
You must be a registered participant to utilize the U.S. Communities contract. If not, please Register to participate. If your agency is already registered with U.S. Communities but does not have an account with Advance and would like to order, a commercial account needs to be created. Contact us or call 888-823-6592.

If my agency already has an account, do I need to set-up a new account?
No. Contact us at uscommunities@advance-auto.com or 888-823-6592 to have the U.S. Communities program linked to your existing account.

Is there a shipping charge?
Delivery is always free within our defined service network (which includes Carquest Auto Parts and Autopart International) and there’s no minimum purchase required.

Where do I find pricing info?
To view pricing, log-in to your account using your password. If you don’t have a password, please click on request contact and an Advance Team Member will contact you. All pricing discounts are by product line and not tied to national volume. No minimum purchase is required to qualify for the best public sector pricing. 

To log in to your account with Advance, please use these links below:

What products does this contract with Advance Auto Parts cover? 

  • Automotive parts, supplies, accessories for passenger car/light truck
  • Heavy duty/fleet solutions from semi-trailer to service-type trucks
  • Tools and equipment for vehicle maintenance departments
  • Automotive refinish paint and supplies
  • Industrial and hydraulic equipment and supplies
  • Agricultural equipment, parts and supplies
  • Import vehicle parts

Why should I buy from Advance Auto Parts?

  • 80 years of experience in supplying the best parts to automotive and fleet professionals 
  • Access to the broadest import and domestic parts availability in North America with more than 99% coverage in key categories, including access to the inventories of import specialists like WORLDPAC and Autopart International
  • Professional quality parts, service and solutions dedicated to your shop.
Engine Management

Engine management is a core vehicle function that impacts vehicle operation and reliability across every type of vehicle fleet. We’ve worked hard to build our inventory with the brands you trust. We now have in-stock availability of OE parts from top brands in each category.

Vehicle systems and parts that typically fall under the engine management category include:

  • Ignition
  • Throttle bodies
  • Tire pressure monitoring systems
  • Oxygen sensors
  • Fuel delivery systems, fuel tanks and accessories
  • Spark plugs, wire sets and boot kits





When it comes to our braking solutions, one attribute stands out above all others in terms of importance—proven reliability. We offer complete coverage for import and domestic vehicles, including cars, light and heavy duty trucks, and a variety of other fleet vehicles. We have a strong reputation for providing OE-quality brakes and rotors for maximum braking performance and reliability. 

We offer solutions from many national brands, delivering reliable stopping power for all applications:

Original Equipment 
  • Premium shims, slots, chamfers where OE
  • Premium formulas for cleaner wheels, hardware kits where originally equipped
  • Premium shims, slots, chamfers where OE
  • Ceramic formulas for cleaner wheels
Severe Duty
  • Heavy duty, metallic formulas, designed for off road, and emergency vehicles
And because there’s more to brakes than just pads and rotors, we’re also your source for the complete brake solution, with brake parts that include:
  • Shoes and drums
  • Brake hardware
  • Hydraulics
  • Calipers
  • Brake fluid and parts cleaner

Today’s vehicles place unprecedented demands on the batteries that power them. These increased power needs, coupled with seasonal temperature extremes, require batteries that are proven to deliver reliable power over a long life.

We offer a complete line of batteries that have been proven to handle all your fleet vehicles’ needs:

AGM Battery Options
  • Meets or exceeds manufacturer's performance requirements
  • Resists vibration, recharges faster, and lasts longer in demanding applications
  • 3-Year Free Replacement Warranty options available
OE Quality Battery Options
  • Meets or exceeds manufacturer's power requirements
  • Superior starting performance over the life of the battery
  • 2-Year and 3-Year Free Replacement Warranty options available
Heavy Duty Battery Options
  • Full line of heavy duty batteries
  • Full frame positive and negative grids for more cranking amps and better durability
Oil & Filters


Oil is a vehicle’s lifeblood, and just like every vehicle is different, so too are engine oils and viscosity grades. To meet today’s fleet vehicle specifications, we offer a complete selection of motor oil, including the best-known brands for passenger car and heavy duty vehicles, including:

  • Conventional: Meets OE standards for minimum required protection and performance
  • High Mileage (engines over 75,000 miles): Includes special additives that swell engine seals and reduce oil leaks 
  • Synthetic: Contains higher quality base oils and special additives that maintain a more consistent lubricity, reducing engine friction and enabling it to run more efficiently  


Even the best engine oils depend on professional-grade filters to help trap contaminants and debris, and protect engines. We offer several types of filters that meet or exceed OE specifications and are available in multiple performance levels:

Performance Oil Filters
  • 300% more capacity than many other filters to hold three times more dirt and debris for increased engine protection
  • 99.9% efficiency in removing dirt from oil
Premium Oil Filters
  • Meet or exceed OE specifications for long-lasting engine protection with a 99.5% efficiency rating at 20 microns
  • A heavier concentration of synthetic materials delivers a higher efficiency rate
Standard Oil Filters
  • Meet OE specifications for fit, form and function  
  • Industry-leading, entry-level filters with an efficiency rating of 96% at 20 microns in removing dirt from oil
Heavy Duty Filters
  • Rigorous testing ensures maximum heavy -duty performance
  • Complete heavy-duty agriculture coverage
Air Filters
  • Quality and performance tested to ensure reliability and performance
Cabin Air Filters
  • Helps remove outside contaminants, including mold and bacteria
Fuel Filters
  • Meets OE specifications
  • Quality and performance tested
Fuel Additives
  • Improves fuel mileage and horsepower while cleaning fuel system deposits
Heating & Cooling

In every type of weather, season and regional climate, we will help you keep your fleet drivers comfortable and your vehicles on the road with the critical parts needed to ensure fast, efficient and reliable heating and cooling system operation. From air door actuators and blower motors to heater cores and heater control valves, we offer the HVAC parts from national brands you trust.

Radiators and Caps
  • Premium-quality parts that meet or exceed OE speci­fications and undergo stringent testing to ensure superior performance
  • Optimal engine performance and fuel economy
  • Quality construction for OE fit, form and performance
  • 100% calibrated
Water Pumps
  • Premium-quality parts that meet or exceed OE speci­fications and undergo stringent testing to ensure superior performance
Belts, Timing Belt Components and Hoses
  • Meet or exceed OE speci­fications and endure stringent testing to ensure superior performance
Fan Clutches
  • Designed, tested and validated to strict OE performance specifications
Heater Cores
  • Meet or exceed OE speci­fications and endure stringent testing to ensure superior performance

Whether it’s related to routine maintenance or an unexpected problem on your fleet vehicle, undercar jobs require quality parts from trusted brand names. That’s why we carry undercar parts and systems from many leading national brands, including:

Steering and Suspension
  • Parts to cover all import and domestic jobs, including hub assemblies and u-joints
  • Excellent coverage and direct-fit, bolt-on components for easy, fast installation without cutting or welding
  • Meets or exceeds OE specifications for 98% of cars and light trucks on the road today using the highest quality materials that deliver superior strength and durability, proven through stringent testing
  • Reduced installation times because all components are included in one fully-assembled unit
Bearings, Seals and Mounts
  • Precision performance and maximum durability for import and domestic applications using only premium quality materials and the latest engineering processes
Heavy Duty

Heavy Duty fleet vehicles demand quality, professional-grade parts that withstand the daily rigors of performing at a higher level. Heavy duty vehicle performance, safety and reliability begin with parts that are designed specifically for severe-duty applications. Advance Auto Parts provides light, medium, and heavy-duty parts, including:

Heavy Duty Batteries
  • A complete line of batteries with full frame positive and negative grids for more cranking amps and better durability delivers the starting power heavy-duty fleet vehicles need
Brake Drums and Shoes
  • Formulated and manufactured for severe-duty applications and engineered to withstand extreme heat and harsh driving conditions
  • A broad selection of filters to fit all your heavy-duty fleet filter needs, including master packs for popular applications
Wipers & Lighting

In good weather and bad, in daylight and darkness, one of the most important factors impacting fleet drivers’ and their passengers’ safety is visibility—both the ability to see and be seen. The keys to visibility are a clear and clean windshield, and properly functioning lights that utilize the latest advancements in lighting technology. We have your fleet’s wipers and lighting needs covered with the following products:


Beam Blades
  • Pressure is distributed from the arm to the beam for uniform contact and a smoother wipe
  • Low-profile, curved designs convert wind force for maximum windshield contact
  • All-weather performance and durability
Hybrid Blades
  • Pivoting polymer shell protects the conventional blade from the elements
  • Spring steel beam structure provides optimal windshield contact
  • Smooth, quiet wipe and superior performance
Conventional Blades
  • OE quality for the same fit and function as when the vehicle was new


  • OEM quality for basic performance
  • Provides up to a 30% increase in brightness compared to standard bulbs
  • See up to 25% further downroad compared to standard bulbs
  • Brighter and whiter light delivers up to 30% increased downroad visibility and up to 35% more peripheral visibility
  • 100% street legal
  • The brightest headlight in our product line with up to 50% brighter light
  • Up to 40% increased downroad visibility and increased peripheral visibility by up to 50%
  • Whitest, most stylish headlight
  • 100% street legal and DOT approved
  • Proprietary xenon halogen gas technology
  • Brilliant, jewel-like appearance
Other lighting parts
  • Sealed beam headlamps 
  • Interior light bulbs
  • Back up lighting
  • Brake lights
  • Turn signal lights
  • Trailer lighting
  • Strip lighting
Emergency Preparedness

Advance Professional and Carquest Auto Parts has you covered with your Emergency Preparedness needs. Whether it's natural disaster such as hurricane, fire, flooding, earthquakes or other unforeseen circumstances, make sure you are ready when disaster strikes. Advance Professional and Carquest Auto Parts offers extensive coverage on emergency items such as:

  • Flashlights & Batteries
  • Generators, Mobile Power Strips, Extension Cords & Converters/Inverters
  • Survival Kits and First Aid Kits
  • Water Jugs, Garden Hoses & Nozzles
  • Hand Tools
  • Tarps, Bungee Cords & Duct Tape
  • Chemicals & Lubricants
  • Booster Packs & Cables
  • Work Gloves
  • Cleaning Supplies & Heavy Duty Trash Bags
  • Pressure Washers
  • Fuel Cans & Transfer Pumps
  • Winter Weather Supplies