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Independent Stationers Overview

 As the designated office supplies vendor for the U.S. Communities program, Independent Stationers, Inc. is here to give you an exceptional buying experience from beginning to end. We are an independent, dealer-owned cooperative with hundreds of dealers and locations nationwide, delivering flawless service and easy online ordering at competitive prices.

Compare Pricing: Request usage from your current office supplies vendor in order to receive a comprehensive pricing comparison from Independent Stationers. Click here for the format of the pricing comparison requirements.

Collectively, we operate a, state-of-the-art online procurement system, pool our buying power to deliver real savings, and provide free, next day delivery via the largest office products distribution network in the country. Individually, we support your needs with complete attention, because as your local business neighbors, your business matters to us. Together we’re able to keep money and jobs in our community.
We’ve got a fixed price contract on 1,200 quality core products and tens of thousands of non-core products. And our robust reporting system gives you the visibility you deserve and transparency you need to manage your purchasing process.

With Independent Stationers, you will enjoy honest and respectful service; easy, empowering ecommerce technology and great prices on a consistent basis. And on top of it all, you’re supporting Main Street, not Wall Street – something we can all feel good about.

Independent Stationers Solutions

 Community Solutions
  • Locally Owned & Operated Independent Distributors in your Neighborhood
  • Buying From a Local Business Keeps Dollars Circulating in Your Community
  • Free Next Day Delivery
  • Conventional Sourcing Dealer Model to meet HUB & Tier 1 Requirements
  • Green Matters Program to assist in meeting Sustainability Initiatives and Goals
 Core Competencies
  •  General Office Supplies
  •  Ink & Toner Products
  •  Technology Products
  •  Breakroom & Janitorial Products
  •  Office Furniture
  •  Green Products

Independent Stationers also offers a comprehensive School Supplies offering including:

  • Arts & Crafts
  • Classroom Decorations
  • Math & Science Materials
  • Teaching Aids
  • Reading & Language Arts
  • Music
  • Dramatic Play and More!




Independent Stationers Benefits

  • Save up to 86% on thousands of competitively priced, name-brand products
  • Choose from 1,200 core and nearly 20,000 non-core items at deeply discounted prices
  • Take advantage of hundreds of products on quarterly promotion where prices are discounted even further
  • Rely on consistent, nationwide pricing, where Independent Stationers has successfully been audited with an A+ score 
  • Have a choice of many HUB brands
  • Get free, next-day delivery
  • Tier 1 billing and customer service where applicable 
  • Support a local business, build your community
  • Enjoy great personal service from someone you know and trust
  • Experience convenient online shopping
  • Be environmentally conscious with alternative “green products” that are automatically suggested
  • Manage more effectively with online measurement and reporting tools

Independent Stationers Pricing

U.S. Communities Aggressive Discounts

  • Fixed pricing on nearly 20,000 items
  • Save up to 86% off list price on some office products
  • Discounted full-line, office essentials, green supplies, janitorial supplies, multi-purpose paper and toner
  • Quarterly promotional pricing on frequently used products
  • Hot list your most frequently bought items for additional discounts
  • Large quantity buy programs for those special purchases 

Annual E-Commerce Purchases* Rebate
 * See FAQ section for more detail

40% - 80%.5%            

Volume Purchases* Rebate

$500K - $1M .5%                 
$1M - $3.5M2.00%
$3.5M – $10M5.00%
$10M + 5.50%

- If you utilize BOTH the Independent Stationers U.S. Communities Office Supply AND School Supply Program your rebates increase. 

Office & School Supply VolumeRebate (paid annually by check)
$500K - $1M1.5%
$1M - $3.5M3.0%
$3.5M - $10M5.0%
$10M +5.5%




Independent Stationers FAQ

How do I place an order with Independent Stationers?
We appreciate the opportunity to support your office products needs and are excited to be a part of U.S. Communities.

Ordering is as easy as 1-2-3! 

  1. Complete the Online Enrollment Verification Form
  2. Independent Stationers will contact you to confirm enrollment details.
  3. You are ready to go!

Questions? Call us at 877-872-8599!

How long does Independent Stationers contract run?
Independent Stationers/U.S. Communities agreement is for 3 years with 2 optional one-year renewals, effective September 1, 2010.

Who is Independent Stationers?
Located in Indianapolis, Indiana and founded in 1977, Independent Stationers, Inc. is the most progressive office products dealer group in the world. Independent Stationers and its dealer network work together for the common goal of providing excellent business solutions, outstanding customer care and exceptional local support to its customer base.
What is the relationship to United Stationers and SP Richards?
Independent Stationers, Inc. a cooperative of independent office supplier dealers has relationships with both major U.S. wholesalers enabling our members to take advantage of the breath of products from either of these wholesalers to provide U.S. Communities members with a competitive office supply program and next day delivery.

How does Independent Stationers pricing compare to other bid respondents?

U.S. Communities has analyzed over $35 million in actual sales and the savings from Independent Stationers are significant. Your local Independent Stationers dealer can provide a complete pricing comparison based on your actual office supplies spend.

What are other benefits/advantages of contracting with Independent Stationers?
There are many benefits to having a contract with Independent Stationers:

  •  Local Support –Independent Stationers has a network of community based independent office supply dealers that currently service thousands of public and private agencies throughout the country.
  • Service - U.S. Communities Participating Public Agencies will have the benefit of a local dealer who will provide local and personalized service to your agency.
  • Delivery – Next day delivery will be provided by your community based dealer.
  • Savings – An overall significant savings and competitive pricing will be offered because of Independent Stationers’ aggregated buying power.
  • Ordering - World class eCommerce solution with advanced intuitive search capabilities, easy administration and purchasing controls.
  • National - A national distribution, delivery and support network.
  • Local - An opportunity to support local business, create local jobs and enhance the local tax base.
  • Ease of transition – U.S. Communities members will have a seamless transition from their current supplier to Independent Stationers.

 Are there rebates paid by Independent Stationers? 
Yes, Independent Stationers will pay two types of rebates:

eCommerce Rebates:
eCommerce Rebates will be paid out at the participant level and reset on a quarterly basis. Each calendar quarter the rebates will be calculated reviewing the previous calendars ordering activity. Utilizing the thresholds below, if the aggregate of the participant orders placed in that calendar quarter through the eCommerce tool meet or exceed one of the two thresholds, then appropriate rebate will be credited.
40-79% Orders Placed Online: ½% Rebate
80%+ Orders Placed Online: 1% Rebate
The eCommerce rebates are calculated based on net purchases (excluding taxes, shipping, and handling, less returns) and are paid in the form of a check. The rebate check will be delivered within 45 days at the close of any given quarter.
To make our process cost effective for both the agency and Independent Stationers no checks are cut in amounts under $10.00
Every participant that places their orders online are automatically eligible for the eCommerce Rebates.

Volume Rebates:
Volume rebates are paid at the participant level on an annual basis starting the month your first order is placed through the end of the calendar year. The volume thresholds are listed below and will be paid within 45 days from the close of the 12 month period.
All volume rebates are paid on net purchases (excluding taxes, shipping, handling, less returns) and are paid in the form of a check directly to the participating agency within 45 days of the end of any given calendar year, or 12 full months on the program, whichever is higher.
Volume Rebates
$500K - $1M:  ½%
$1M - $3.5M: 2.00%
$3.5M – $10M: 5.00%
$10M +: 5.50%
Can I order online?
Yes. The Independent Stationers website uscommunities.isgroup.org offers a robust suite of features, including easy to use search capabilities, in-depth product information and detailed reporting features.

How do I locate my local independent dealer?
Independent Stationers has qualified and certified independent dealers nationwide. Please email: uscommunities@isgroup.org
or call 877-872-8599 to obtain your dealer contact information.

Does Independent Stationers offer next day delivery on all orders?
Yes, Independent Stationers’ dealer network offers free next day delivery nationwide.

Standard Delivery:
Orders placed by 4:00pm local time will be delivered on the next business day with the exceptions of: special order items, large volume orders and backordered items. These exceptions will be delivered as they become available per the delivery description provided at the time of order placement.

Is shipping FREE?
Yes, Independent Stationers’ dealer network offers free shipping.

Does Independent Stationers qualify for Tier 1?
Independent Stationers program includes an option to address an agency’s need for Tier 1 credit. Your local dealership will be able to guide you through the process of qualifying for these credits.

How do I obtain a price comparison?
To obtain a pricing comparison, please contact your local independent dealer or Independent Stationers Customer Care at 877-872-8599. Please have an excel spreadsheet with your current usage available.
How do I set up an account?
Please contact Independent Stationers Customer Care at 877-872-8599 or by email at uscommunities@isgroup.org.
How many items are included in this contract?
There are over 28,000 aggressively priced items that are offered under the U.S. Communities contract. These items represent the “best of the best” and the highest usage items used in an office environment today.

Independent Stationers Shipping

  • Free delivery with personalized service for orders placed by 4:00pm local time will be delivered next-day.
  • We do this by utilizing 60 plus dedicated distribution centers and hundreds of independent dealers.


School Supplies Contract Delivers Value and Savings

Buy classroom essentials and teaching aids through our school supplies contract. Start saving today!

“The office supply contract with Independent Stationers has proven to be a valuable cost savings contract. This competitively solicited contract awarded in 2010 has not only saved hard dollars, but very valuable soft dollars by not having to solicit. Independent Stationers also fulfills any requirement for a local supplier as they use local certified small dealers to provide the service. This has been a successful contract and will continue to be successful with your support.”
Gerald R. Plummer, Division Manager, Purchasing Division, County of Los Angeles