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State/Local Government

Kronos government workforce management solutions provide the means to serve the public efficiently, successfully, cost-effectively, and with accountability. And because the largest portion of government operational budgets are tied to workforce expenditures, Kronos helps state and local governments like yours reduce labor costs, increase operational excellence, and deliver quality services to your citizens.

Kronos’ government customers benefit from a Kronos solution in many ways, here are just a few to mention:

  • Controlling Labor Costs – Accurately track employee work and leave time to improve operational efficiencies by allocating labor costs to programs and budgets.  Kronos aids government entities in being more accountable, transparent, and auditable.
  • Minimizing Compliance Risks – The new requirements of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) will put government employers under more pressure to track part-time/full-time status to report on healthcare eligibility. The ability to create and quickly access “look-back periods” will be crucial to avoid penalties and fines.  Automated labor tracking provides a greater adherence to a wide array of labor laws and union policies, including ACA, with detailed, auditable reporting in real-time. 
  • Improve Workforce Productivity – Increase employee satisfaction by automating manual workforce processes and offering a self-service environment.  This flexibility allows for more time to focus on providing a high level of service to the public.

“By eliminating paper-based processes, we can more accurately track employee time and labor costs. It’s not only more efficient, but it’s better for the environment.”
Joy Gelo, Payroll Specialist
Town of Avon, CO 

“This system has given us the ability to see at a glance patterns, trends, costs, and historical data.”
Crystal Woods, HR Director
Arkansas Highway and Transportation Department


Now more than ever, schools and districts are feeling the pressure to reduce costs, align employee time and labor with budgets, enhance compliance, and create a positive working environment for employees — all while making it possible for students to fully achieve their academic potential.

Kronos for K-12 education workforce management software helps you meet these challenges with automated solutions that make it easier to manage the educational resources you need to optimize student outcomes.

Kronos for K-12 provides tools to help you:

  • Minimize compliance risk: Improve capabilities associated with government regulations and union rules to reduce the risk of legal action and labor grievances
  • Keep track of employees: Monitor employee absenteeism and avoid scheduling conflicts confident in the knowledge that your students are well served at all times
  • Boost employee productivity and satisfaction: Use self-service solutions to help develop, motivate, and facilitate employee communication
  • Leverage cost allocation: Effectively allocate labor costs to grants, programs, and projects for more efficient planning and budgeting and more transparent audit reporting

“The [Kronos] ACA report is the keystone of our compliance strategy. It does a good job of picking up all extra-duty hours and the hours of all employees.”
Donna Melton, ERP Coordinator
Katy Independent School District, TX

Higher Education

“Do more with less” is the mandate in higher education today. Don’t jeopardize academic missions by raising student costs and cutting back on programs and staff. Do more with an asset you already have — your workforce.

Kronos for Higher Education software helps you manage your professional, union, auxiliary, and student workforces all at the same time. Our tools control labor costs, minimize compliance risks, and improve workforce productivity — all critical to meeting your missions for student learning, research, and community support.

Kronos higher education solutions help you:

  • Rein in costs: Optimize operational efficiencies and see significant returns with the complete automation of your time and attendance policies
  • Limit liabilities: Improve compliance with diverse labor laws and government and union regulations
  • Manage employees campus- and system-wide: Apply work and pay rules for different labor groups with better consistency
  • Leverage cost allocation: Effectively allocate labor costs to grants, programs, and projects for more efficient planning and budgeting and more transparent audit reporting

“We’ve seen a huge payroll time decrease with employees using biometrics or a PC to clock in and out. There’s no dual entry, manual calculation of fractional hours, or rounding.”
Casie Steen, Associate Director, Payroll Services
University of Alabama, Huntsville

Public Safety

Kronos for Public Safety helps more than 700 fire and EMS, law enforcement, and criminal justice organizations automate and manage the complex schedules and communications of first responders and other critical resources. The result? Improved workforce scheduling. Better control of labor costs. And minimized compliance risk. All while safeguarding citizens and responders on the frontline.

Kronos’ scheduling solution for public safety provides:

Solutions for complex staffing needs. 

  • Staffing for specialized shift patterns, positions, certifications, and union rules
  • Automation of auction, position and vacation bidding processes
  • Fair overtime allocation

“This data allows us to dig deeper into the root causes, to do overtime analysis by institution and do comparisons.  We can look at data from an enterprise standpoint and how to make decisions and save money from a micro and macro level.”
Paul Smith, Program Director
California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation


Not-for-profit organizations face a number of challenges in managing their full-time, part-time, and seasonal workers. Dispersed locations, mobile workers, and employees who perform multiple jobs or work for multiple departments add to the complexity of managing a not-for-profit workforce. And as funding has decreased and demand for services has increased, organizations are being increasingly forced to do more with less.

Kronos for non-profits offers easy-to-use and easy-to-own solutions that help not-for-profit organizations:

  • Control labor costs - Manage costs so that you can invest more of your limited funding and resources into supporting your critical services or important cause.
  • Minimize compliance risk – Stay on top of state and federal regulations such as FLSA (Fair Labor Standards Act) and FMLA (Family Medical Leave Act).
  • Streamline the hiring process – Gain visibility and insight necessary to identify quality workers that support critical missions.

“With Kronos, we now have a single workforce management solution in place, which streamlines the hiring process, and handles multiple job codes.  Additionally, Kronos offers mobile applications allowing for smart phone log-in options for off-site employees.  We expect to significantly improve efficiencies and further enhance member satisfaction with Kronos.”
Susan Goswick, Vice President of Human Resources
YMCA of Metropolitan Dallas

Products and Solutions

Our solutions include:

  • Workforce Central: Workforce Central is our flagship product designed for organizations with more complicated pay rules, organizational structures and deployments.  The product is robust enough in functionality and applications to meet the needs of any size and complexity.   
  • Workforce Ready: Workforce Ready is a ready-made product for smaller organizations or those with less complexity.  Combining full functionality with low cost in a SaaS environment, Workforce Ready has become the staple for the public sector. 
  • Workforce TeleStaff: Workforce TeleStaff is a unique scheduling application for public safety officials that allow chiefs to easily build and modify rosters as well as the bidding process.  Workforce TeleStaff easily integrates with both Workforce Central and Workforce Ready. 

Our services include:

  • Cloud Services: With Kronos you have a choice of deploying the solution in your own on-premise data center or in our secure private cloud. Letting Kronos Cloud Services host and/or manage your application has many advantages including expertise and operational support that can help unburden your IT staff to focus on core business initiatives. Plus, fast access to the latest solution upgrades and workforce management tools.
  • Professional Services: Kronos has the resources, infrastructure, and processes necessary to provide the best customer implementations in the industry. With thousands of successful customers in virtually all industries, Kronos continues to serve as a trusted partner providing enterprise workforce management implementations that work. 
  • Change Management Services: Introducing and managing change in the public sector is a challenging endeavor. With Kronos, we provide our customers change management services that complement product implementation. For instance, in support of your defined scope of work, change management will be critical to ensure the organization is ready for change. 
  • Global Support Services: The Kronos Global Support Gold, Gold Plus, Platinum, and Platinum Plus plans are designed to provide increasing levels of support, depending on your business-specific requirements. Our dedicated support teams give you the direction you need to keep your Kronos solution running smoothly and continually returning value.  
  • Educational Services: Kronos Educational Services work with organizations to define an education strategy to train the implementation, functional and technical project team members and end users. Kronos provides learning paths for our solution to assist in defining the appropriate training for each employee role. 

For more details about products and services offered, please refer to Contract# RFP 14-JLR-003: Workforce Management System or contact Kronos at uscommunities@kronos.com


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