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As of March 16, 2015, AmSan, JanPak and CleanSource became SupplyWorks. Read the announcement letter.

  • Phone: 1-866-412-6726
  • Fax: 856-533-3458

SupplyWorks is the leading national provider of integrated facility maintenance solutions. Our smart solutions and unparalleled expertise advance the performance, image, safety, health, and sustainability of facilities throughout the United States.

We serve a wide array of customers, including offices, schools and universities, health care institutions, building service contractors, and lodging.

In addition to a full spectrum of janitorial and cleaning products our facility maintenance experts leverage proprietary programs to provide tailored solutions that address the unique can changing needs of our customers.

The SupplyWorks Advantage:

  • Name-Brand and Exclusive Brand Maintenance Products
  • Fast, Reliable Delivery from Our 68 Distribution Centers Nationwide
  • More than 700 National and Local Facility Maintenance Experts with a Reputation for Integrity and Dedication
  • SupplyWorks In-Site Program Designed to Reduce Costs and Improve Productivity, Sustainability, Facility Image, and the Health and Safety of Building Occupants
  • Inventory Management Solutions to Improve Productivity
  • Brand-Name and Renown® products
  • GreenSeal™ and ENERGY STAR® Certified Products

We are the leading solutions-based provider in the industry. We offer high quality products and resources that help our customers better manage total costs. Our services and cost-saving programs are designed to help you enhance efficiency, improve quality, and increase productivity.

Green Solutions

SupplyWorks has a long tradition of environmental stewardship and a commitment to sustainability. SupplyWorks offers a full line of certified and environmentally-preferable chemical products, tools and equipment. Certified products by independent third parties such as GreenSeal, Environmental Choice, Design for the Environment (DfE) and EcoLogoTM include the following product categories:

  • Floor Care Products
  • General Purpose Cleaners
  • Industrial Cleaners
  • Carpet Care Cleaners
  • Restroom Towels and Tissue
  • Hand Care Products
  • Cleaning Equipment
  • Many other categories

SupplyWorks facility maintenance experts will be your resource in developing a green solution designed to reduce the environmental impact of your cleaning process while promoting a safer and healthier indoor environment. Your consultant can also work with you to identify and implement specific labor and supply cost reduction opportunities while creating a greener, healthier, and safer working environment. Give your SupplyWorks representative an opportunity to show you how to put science-based green standards into practice through technical staff training and cleaning program analysis.

GreenSeal™ and ENERGY STAR® Certified Products


8 Steps to a Cleaner Restroom

Restrooms are the source of more complaints than any other area in a facility. A dirty restroom not only creates a negative image of your business, it can also pose a serious health risk to employees and visitors. Follow these steps to ensure your restrooms - and your reputation - remain clean.

Step 1: Stock Your Cleaning Cart

Click to browse our wide assortment of products for every step of the restroom cleaning process.

2: Prepare for cleaning
  • Set out signs to prevent entry
  • Put on gloves, respirators, and splash goggles to protect yourself from bacteria and/or chemical contact
Step 3: Disinfect toilets and urinals

Toilets and urinals are a key source of foul odors and harmful bacteria, and so they require thorough cleaning and disinfection that follow a specific protocol. As disinfectants have different dwell times - that is, how long a disinfectant must remain in contact with a surface in order to effectively kill harmful bacteria - toilets should be treated with disinfectant and rinsed after the other areas of the restroom are clean. To properly disinfect a toilet or urinal, follow these steps:

  • Plunge toilet water into drain with a toilet mop to remove water from toilet bowl
  • Apply a generous amount of toilet bowl cleaner inside toilet rim and apply 1-2 ounces directly to bowl mop
  • Swab inside of toilet bowl thoroughly and allow to dwell for 10 minutes, or according to dwell time indicated on chemical label for proper disinfection
  • Apply disinfectant to a red microfiber cloth and clean toilet seats, handles, and exterior
  • Repeat above procedures for each toilet and urinal, as well as toilet stall doors and partitions
Step 4: Sweep floors and dispose of debris

Step 5: Empty trash and refill dispensers

Keeping restrooms stocked and trash levels low prevents the spread of bacteria and creates a positive image for restroom visitors.

  • Empty waste containers and replace liners
  • Refill paper towel dispensers
  • Refill hand soap dispensers
  • Check metered air fresheners dispensers; replace cartridges and batteries if needed
  • Refill toilet paper and toilet seat cover dispensers
  • Empty feminine care receptacles and replace liners
  • Refill feminine care product dispensers
Step 6: Clean glass and surfaces

Restroom surfaces - particularly high-touch areas like countertops, stall doors, and dispenser handles - are breeding grounds for germs. Thorough disinfecting of all surfaces prevents contamination and improves the overall aesthetics of your restrooms.

  • Scrub and disinfect sinks and countertops; use a yellow microfiber cloth or disposable wiper to prevent cross-contamination
  • Apply disinfectant to handles on manual paper towel and soap dispensers
  • Remove rust, lime, and calcium stains with mineral removers
  • Clean tile and grout thoroughly with a chemical cleaner and brush
  • Clean mirrors with glass cleaner and blue microfiber cloth or low-lint disposable wiper
Step 7: Mop floors with industrial floor cleaners

Step 8: Flush and rinse toilets and urinals
  • Flush and thoroughly rinse inside of toilets and urinals once dwell time is complete
  • Replace urinal screens and toilet deodorizers to combat odors

Here are just some of the ways buying through the U.S. Communities SupplyWorks Partnership can benefit you:

Reduce Inventory Costs

  • Product Standardization
  • Guaranteed Everyday Low Prices
  • Just In Time Stock Replenishment
  • Eliminate Cash Flow Problems

Lower Acquisition and Accounting Costs

  • Single Point of Ordering
  • Eliminate Multiple Purchase Orders
  • Eliminate Multiple Deliveries
  • Lower Product Quantity Requirements
  • Summarized Monthly Billing (Optional)
  • Detailed Monthly Usage Reports Available
  • Web Based Budget Management
  • Paperwork Reduction

Improved Labor Productivity and Safety

  • We Provided Professional Training and Development
  • Furnish Professional Labor Study and Audit
  • Standardized MSDS
  • Product Consolidation Enhances Trainability

Whether you have to maintain an office or an entire building, you'll find the janitorial supplies you need for less at SupplyWorks.

Our extensive selection of janitorial supplies feature cleaners, cleaning supplies, floor mats, and floor cleaning supplies, towels, tissues, tissue dispensers, trash cans and trash bags. You can choose from Best-in-Class National Brands such as Spartan, Georgia Pacific, Windsor, Kimberly-Clark, Betco, Rubbermaid and 3M at discounts up to 40% and more!

Don’t overlook our exclusive Renown brand…featuring products developed for us by well recognized industry leading manufacturers that provide you with exceptional value without compromising performance all at incredible discounts of up to 40%!


How do I place an order with SupplyWorks?

SupplyWorks accepts orders by phone, fax, email, and website:
Phone: 1-800-393-1131
Fax: 856-533-3458
Website: usc.supplyworks.com
Email: uscommunities@supplyworks.com

Lead Referrals:

How can my agency participate in the U.S. Communities program?
Complete the online registration.

Who can participate?
All States, State Agencies, Counties, Cities, Schools, Colleges and Universities, Non-Profits and Special Districts.

Is there a fee associated with joining U.S. Communities?
No, there are no costs or user fees to participate or register.

If my agency already has an account with you, do I need to set up a new account?
No. Contact your SupplyWorks Account Representative at uscommunities@supplyworks.com to have the U.S. Communities program lined to your existing account.

Does my agency need to be a member of ASBO, NACo, USCM, NIGP or NLC to participate?
No, All qualified agencies can participate in the program.

My state requires local governments to bid everything. Can local governments in my state use this program without going out to bid?
Yes. The contract has been competitively bid by a government agency. Through the Joint Powers Authority or an inter-local agreement, local governments can "piggy-back" this competitively bid contract through U.S. Communities. This satisfies the competitive bid requirements in most states. See state by state laws on intergovernmental purchasing.

What does a government agency need to do in order to participate?
Complete the free online registration found on the U.S. Communities website. During the registration process, you will be asked to select the suppliers you are interested in. The suppliers that you select will contact you with detailed pricing and ordering information.

Is there a fee associated with joining U.S. Communities?
No, there are no costs or user fees to the local agency to participate or register.

If my agency already has an account with you, do I need to set up a new account?
No. Contact your Account Representative at uscommunities@supplyworks.com to have the U.S. Communities program linked to your existing account.

Does the competitive pricing apply, regardless of quantity?
SupplyWorks and the U.S. Communities partnership assures an agency they are getting a very competitive price on any size order. There are no costs, minimum quantity requirements or spend limits associated with using the SupplyWorks U.S. Communities program.

Does the competitive pricing apply, regardless of quantity ordered?
SuppyWorks and the U.S. Communities partnership assures an agency they are getting a very competitive price on any quantity ordered. There are no costs, minimum quantity requirements or spend limits associated with using the SupplyWorks and U.S. Communities program.


We ship next day delivery to 98% of United States population. Products are shipped to most major metropolitan cities on SupplyWorks local trucks; we also ship via United Parcel Service (UPS) and LTL truck lines. In locations outside of our Next Day Service area we will ship on third party carriers such as UPS and LTL truck lines with an average of 48 hour delivery. Your local SupplyWorks sales representative will confirm our shipping schedule with you.

Many SupplyWorks warehouses accept orders for next day delivery up to 5:00 pm depending on location. As a general rule orders received for stock items by 2:00 pm ship Next Day.

Most SupplyWorks locations have Will Call areas for emergency or scheduled Pick Up.

We continuously review our truck routes and frequency based on the demands of the Marketplace. We will collaborate with individual agencies to establish a sustainable logistics solution to serve the agency’s specifics requirements.


Help everyone stay healthy from the bathroom to high traffic areas with SupplyWorks' comprehensive hygiene solutions. Take a look now to find the right solutions for your individual needs.

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