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The Home Depot Enrollment Process

Ensure Your Agency Receives the Maximum Rebate

In order to track all purchases to calculate your annual rebate, you must have all forms of payment identified within your Home Depot account. To ensure you are maximizing your rebate, please take the following steps:

  1. Log into your Home Depot ProRewards account and click on Credit Cards and Accounts.

  2. Check to see if all forms of payment are current and have been added. Account IDs refer to your forms of payment which can be p-cards, credit cards, checking accounts or purchase orders. If a form of payment is no longer used, mark it inactive. Do not delete the record or all associated transactions with that form of payment will also be deleted!

  3. Ensure each form of payment has USC assigned as the Agreement Code. If it is not, click the Edit Account button. If you are unable to add USC as an agreement code, click the Profile tab and ensure your Federal TIN is entered in the TIN field.


The most efficient way to ensure the maximum rebate is to have your p-card administrator create a master account in which all forms of payment are tracked and managed. Once payment types are entered, all in-store and online purchases are tracked automatically. If you would like The Home Depot to coordinate directly with your p-card administrator, please enter their information in the form to the right. The Home Depot Regional Manager will contact them directly to coordinate a bulk upload of the information.

Support: For immediate assistance with adding payment information, call 1-866-333-3551 or download the Registration Guide.

To ensure tracking of all purchases through The Home Depot, it is best to set up a master account under your p-card administrator. Please submit the information for this contact and Home Depot will work with them directly.

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