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Amazon Business and U.S. Communities make purchasing easier for schools and the public sector

We’ve just made it easier for educational and public-sector organizations to get the supplies they need.

Amazon Business and U.S. Communities announced today a multi-year contract for the purchase of goods and services on the Amazon Business on-line marketplace. This means schools, school districts, higher education institutions and public-sector organizations - including local, and state government entities - that are members of the cooperative can leverage the U.S. Communities contract to make their everyday purchases. The contract gives members access to 10 categories across Amazon's selection, including books, office supplies, classroom and art supplies, home and kitchen, musical instruments, audio visual and electronics, clothing, animal supplies, scientific equipment and lab supplies.

"Amazon Business delivers the buying experience our end-users want, and we are thrilled to provide the contract vehicle for this extensive nationwide Online Marketplace," said Anthony Crosby, Director of Purchasing for Prince William County Public Schools (PWCPS). PWCPS serves as the lead public agency for the contract, which it awarded to Amazon Business after completing a competitive solicitation and thorough evaluation process. PWCPS is amongst the largest 100 school districts in the United States with more than 87,000 students.

U.S. Communities is a leading national public-sector purchasing cooperative, providing procurement resources and solutions to school districts (K-12), higher education institutions, local and state government agencies, and non-profit organizations. U.S. Communities ensures that contracts are competitively solicited, evaluated, and awarded by an impartial lead public agency following applicable public purchasing rules and regulations. Applying these competitive rules satisfies the bid requirements of most education organizations and state and local government agencies, and helps deliver value to over 90,000 public agencies nationwide who can bypass lengthy and expensive request-or-proposal processes.

U.S. Communities members can now take advantage of Amazon Business' dynamic marketplace pricing, which helps ensure competitiveness and best-value pricing.

Members can create a free Amazon Business account that includes the ability to register for tax-exempt purchasing, free two-day and discounted one-day shipping on eligible items, purchase approvals and purchase-order tracking. Amazon Business supports easy punch-out and reconciliation integration with leading third-party eProcurement systems including SciQuest, Skyward, ESM and Coupa.

"Amazon Business is committed for the long-term to serve education and government organizations and is honored to partner with Prince William County Public Schools and U.S. Communities to offer a contract solution for the public sector," said Prentis Wilson, VP, Amazon Business.

Education and government organizations in the United States can visit http://www.amazonbusiness.com/usc to learn more and register for a free Amazon Business or U.S. Communities account and enroll to use the contract.

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