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  • Acoustics in the Classroom

    Acoustics play a key role in creating the right environment for learning, yet is often overlooked in the design process resulting in poor conditions for the kids to capture and understand information effectively. School HVAC systems are major contributors to creating the right learning environment and greatly impact the acoustics of the classroom. In this webinar we will review some of the recent findings related to the acoustics in the classroom, discuss available industry resources and share potential strategies to help improve performance. 

  • Leveraging Amazon Business to Drive Efficiency & Transparency

    Hear from Amazon Business and Sacramento County to learn how to take the power of the marketplace and customize it to meet your government’s purchasing policies. Sacramento County discusses their experience and how they use Amazon Business to provide efficiency and competition for their small dollar spending while improving their contract compliance and enhancing transparency. Learn how to leverage the tools in the Amazon Business marketplace to drive deeper adoption in your organization. 

  • Re-Lighting America and the Smart City of Tomorrow

    Learn how municipalities nationwide are leveraging energy performance contracts to upgrade street lighting and other smart city initiatives – saving valuable energy and operating expenses at no cost to taxpayers. McKinstry experts will share insights and real-world examples on municipal energy performance contracts conducted through its Re-Lighting America program. Listen Today!

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