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  • How to Partner With Suppliers Effectively

    Effective supplier relationships can be a key component of ensuring your procurement group achieves its organizational and financial goals. This webinar provides real-world examples of how agencies have effectively partnered with suppliers in order to solve problems and provide creative solutions. Listen to Jeff LaPorta from Harford County Public Schools, and a few of our supplier partners to learn how successful supplier partnerships can help transform your agency from good to great! 

  • When to Use Cooperatives

    Do you find that you have difficulty discerning when to use a cooperative contract? Listen to this informative 30-minute recording of the first webinar in this series with U.S. Communities. Hear how James Foley, Deputy Chief Procurement Officer with Maricopa County, and their purchasing department uses U.S. Communities' cooperative contracts as a strategic solution to deliver the overall best value for their customers.

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