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  • Streamlining Purchasing Through E-Commerce

    Some agencies have decentralized purchasing that puts the power to buy in the hands of many end users. This can make it difficult to communicate with shoppers about contracts purchasing has put in place for use. In addition, there isn’t a good tracking and reporting method to show where money is being spent. E-commerce systems can help solve both of these problems, providing a central source for available contracts and visibility into what is being purchased. Listen to this recorded webinar to learn about e-commerce with U.S. Communities and hear from another agency on how implemented e-commerce has changed the way they do business. 

  • When to Use Cooperatives

    Do you find that you have difficulty discerning when to use a cooperative contract? Listen to this informative 30-minute recording of the first webinar in this series with U.S. Communities. Hear how James Foley, Deputy Chief Procurement Officer with Maricopa County, and their purchasing department uses U.S. Communities' cooperative contracts as a strategic solution to deliver the overall best value for their customers.

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