U.S. Communities

Supplier Selection Process

Competitive Solicitation and Selection


U.S. Communities Government Purchasing Alliance employs the following competitive process in selecting suppliers:

  1. A public agency recommends a product, service or solution to U.S. Communities.

  2. A well recognized and full service government agency serves as the Lead Public Agency. The Lead Public Agency prepares and issues a competitive solicitation on behalf of U.S. Communities and all 90,000 public agencies.

  3. Solicitation advertised nationally.

  4. Solicitation includes language allowing all states, local governments, school districts, and higher education institutions, other government agencies and nonprofit organizations to use or "piggyback" on contract.

  5. Lead Public Agency and Public Procurement Professionals evaluate submitted proposals and make recommendation for award.

  6. Participating Public Agencies access contract by registering online with U.S. Communities.

  7. Lead Public Agency and Advisory Board monitor and evaluate supplier performance.

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