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Child support enforcement

Provides up-to-date contact data for noncustodial parents. 

Solution 1: Finding the best contact information for noncustodial parents in arrears.

Solution 2: Determine the best time to collect against noncustodial parents in arrears.
Collection AdvantageSM

Solution 3: Alert of financial status of change of noncustodial parents in arrears.
Collection TriggersSM


Maximizes recovery efforts with flexibility and minimal cost.

Solution 1: Determine the value of open collection accounts.
Debt Portfolio EvaluatorSM

Solution 2: Gain point of service insight into outstanding debt owed to the government before additional benefits are provided.
Experian PINpoint ServicesSM
PowerCurve® Originations

Solution 3: Optimize consumer collection efforts.
Collection AdvantageSM
PriorityScore for CollectionsSM

Solution 4: Monitor change in consumer financial status to determine when to collect.
Collection TriggersSM

Solution 5: Determine the best time and method to collect business debt.
Intelliscore PlusSM
Portfolio Alert AdvisorSM

Solution 6: Determine best time to collect business debt.
Collections Recovery ToolSM

Solution 7: Consulting services for the collection of consumer debt.
Global Consulting Practice (GCP)

Business risk/Contractor responsibility

Delivers essential data for vetting of potential vendors and contractors.

Solution: Vetting of potential vendors and contractors.
Supplier Profile ReportSM
Account Monitoring ServiceSM
Business Compliance InsightSM
Dynamic AccessTM

Data cleansing

Verify and update best addresses for voter registration list hygiene.

Solution: Determining the best address. Verification and update of name and best address.


Verify applicant identity and validate financial data for benefits determination, real-time monitoring of credit and financial data, and for continued benefits eligibility.

Solution 1: Verifying identity of applicant and validating financial data.
Precise ID® for Account Opening
Income InsightSM
Asset Insight®
PowerCurve® OnDemand

Solution 2: Verifying identity of an applicant; validating financial data and detecting device fraud.
Precise ID® for Account Opening
Income InsightSM
Asset Insight®
Knowledge IQSM
FraudNet for Account Opening
PowerCurve® OnDemand

Solution 3: Assess continued eligibility of entitlement beneficiaries in a quarterly batch process.

Solution 4: Alerts triggered for notification of disqualifying events.
Risk Triggers and Retention Triggers

Solution 5: Reach constituents to make them aware of available services.

Solution 6: Find the best contact information to collect for overpayment or fraud in entitlements.

Solution 7: Optimize the collection of entitlement funds due to overpayment or fraud.
Collection AdvantageSM

Solution 8: Receive an alert in change of consumer financial status to collect for entitlement overpayment or fraud.
Collection TriggersSM

Online authentication/ Identity management

Authenticate new constituents for eServicing, online reauthorization of already registered constituents of eServicing and using knowledge-based out-of-wallet questions.

Solution 1: Online authentication of an individual for eServicing (leveraging Gramm–Leach–Bliley Act (GLB) data only).
Precise ID for Identity Screening
Knowledge IQSM

Solution 2: Online authentication for registering new constituents for eServicing: (leveraging Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) data and device intelligence).
Precise ID® for Account Opening
Knowledge IQSM
FraudNet for Account Opening

Solution 3: Online reauthentication of already registered constituents for eServicing: (leveraging FCRA data and device intelligence).
Precise ID® for Account Opening
Knowledge IQSM
FraudNet for Account Opening

Tax return fraud

Improve detection of identity theft–based income-tax fraud.

Solution: Detection of identity theft–based income tax fraud.
Precise ID® for Account Opening
Precise ID Identity Element Network
Knowledge IQSM
FraudNet for Account Opening


Enhance your traditional employment decision-making tools- such as job applications, interviews, testing and reference checks

Solution: Make confident, informed hiring decisions with the right tools helping you in your hiring process.
Employment InsightsSM 

Public utilities

Verify potential customer's identity and background to make an informed decision so you can better mitigate risk and prevent fraud

Solution: Instant identity verification, fraud decisions, prior acount linkage risk decisions and many customized decision tools.
Connect Check and Connect Check/PlusSM

Credit check

Start making the most informed credit decisions by leveraging the best data to check an individual's credit and mitigate risk

Solution: Examine the creditworthiness of an individual.
Credit Profile Reports

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