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Herc Rentals™ is a premier, industry-leading full-service equipment rental firm featuring a product line that includes everything from small hand-held tools to large earth-moving equipment. Additionally, the publicly traded NYSE company offers its customers services and solutions such as on-line account access, safety training, specialty services, including power generation, pumps and climate control, and other unique programs to meet your equipment rental needs.

With more than 50 years of equipment rental expertise, more than 4,900 employees and approximately 275 branches primarily in North America, Herc Rentals is committed to providing the highest-quality products and exceptional service to each and every customer.

Why Choose Herc Rentals:

  • Special Pricing Based on Commitment ― Allows for increased savings based on the level of commitment from agencies
  • Aerial and Forklift Safety Training ― Training available to individuals and groups within your organization
  • Standby Contracts for Power Generation and Disaster Relief ― Services available to make sure your community is ready in case of emergency
  • New and Used Equipment Sales ― Herc Rentals can assist you with multiple purchase options
  • Climate Control Equipment with Portable Air Conditioning, Chillers, Spot Coolers and Heaters

Finally, there are several advantages for public agencies to rent rather than own equipment. To gain a better understanding of the benefits of renting rather than owning, see the Benefits of Renting vs Owning tab.

Benefits of Renting vs Owning
  • Pricing tiers based on commitment level
  • Short term (daily and weekly) and long term (monthly and longer) rentals available
  • Delivery and pick-up of equipment reduces costs related to haul trucks and drivers
  • Preventive maintenance performed by rental provider
  • Rental provider responsible to fix or replace down equipment
  • Herc Rentals, for example, provides 24/7 support for all new and current rentals
  • Local representation with national support
  • Most competitive rental rates
  • Capped repair parts mark up
  • Streamlined administrative costs
  • Aerial and forklift safety training
  • Standby contracts for power generation & disaster relief
  • Properly specified equipment, which eliminates the hidden costs of inefficiencies
  • Using the right equipment eliminates the cost of damage due to inappropriate use
  • No need for spare parts inventory management, regulatory record keeping and investment in and operating costs of a repair shop
  • Ability to avoid capital investment in equipment and the related burden on your balance sheet, which increases your borrowing capacity
  • Less exposure to losses due to theft
  • Reduces the need to secure space dedicated to equipment fleet, whether that's warehouse space or yards filled with idle equipment
  • Eliminates the time and costs associated with equipment disposal, including potential book value losses
ProControl and Telematics

Herc Rentals' ProControl program allows customers to create a personalized web experience to improve management of their account ― all from the palm of their hand. ProControl gives customers the ability to improve utilization of equipment rentals while obtaining account information in real time.

Once logged in, the web-based Telematics application enables you to rapidly identify and locate each piece of equipment, expedite movement, optimize utilization and reduce security risks. Additionally, all equipment categories specific to a customer's contract appear directly on the Home Page with options to "rent" or "buy." This allows members to create a customized profile and save preferences for equipment customers who rent more frequently.

This online solution leverages the latest technology to allow customers to move beyond their desk and manage a project from anywhere.

Customer Care

Herc Rentals has been a government supplier for more than 40 years and has the knowledge, service and tools you need to conquer tight deadlines and emergencies under strict compliance codes. Exemplary customer care remains one of the cornerstones of Herc Rentals' business model:

  • Local sales team to meet customers' daily needs
  • Regional and corporate support
  • Government program managers to support overall program
  • Branch staff to meet operation needs
  • Field service for maintenance and repairs available 24/7
Fleet Inventory

Herc Rentals offers equipment rental solutions for civil infrastructure, government and municipalities, energy, remediation, emergency response, agriculture and more. Additionally, Herc Rentals is supported by ProSolutions™ and ProContractor.

ProSolutions is Herc Rentals' industry-specific solutions-based service that provides technical expertise and full-service on-site support to customers' toughest challenges and features pump, power and climate control offerings. ProContractor represents the company's professional-grade tools and commercial vehicles, all aimed at helping its customers work more efficiently, effectively and safely. Herc Rentals' fleet consists of the following:

  • Aerials ― single person, articulated, telescopic, hybrid booms, towable booms and more
  • Air compressors and air tools
  • Climate control ― air conditioning, heating, drying and restoration
  • Compaction and paving ― rammers, rollers and more
  • Concrete and masonry ― breakers, grinders, mixers, saws, dust control vacuums and more
  • Earth-moving ― backhoes, dozers, excavators, trenchers, loaders and tractors
  • Floor care ― scrapers, scrubbers, sweepers, sanders and buffers
  • Material handling ― forklifts, conveyors, SpyderCrane mini-crawlers, glass installation and more
  • Power generation ― generators, fuel tanks, portable battery power solutions
  • ProContractor ― renovation tools, chippers, shredders, stump removal, demolition tools, fastening tools, floor care equipment, grinders and polishers, saws, sanders, finishers, lawn and landscaping, lighting, pressure washers, plumbing tools, storage containers, traffic and crowd control, safety and emergency response and more
  • Pumps ― centrifugal, diaphragm, high pressure, industrial, submersible, trash, wellpoint and more
  • Trucks and trailers ― Pick-ups, vans, commercial trucks, off-road vehicles and trailers
Summer Cooling Solutions

Offering unparalleled equipment expertise and around-the-clock response to your emergencies, Herc Rentals has the gear and know-how needed to keep your building and your workers comfortable and cool all summer long. So, when your air conditioning system needs repair or fails, you’ll need fast relief. Whether you’re attempting to cool a multi-story building, warehouse, office or computer server room, Herc Rentals offers the entire gamut of cooling solutions.

Portable A/C

1-12 Ton Units

Portable AC units are designed to cool most spaces. In general, a one-ton unit cools approximately 400 sq. ft. of space, while a 5-ton unit can cool 4,000 sq. ft. of space. These units require proper venting and most include both heating and cooling to maintain a constant temperature day or night.

Features and applications include:
  • Highly efficient and quiet
  • Long-lasting and durable
  • Built to fit through doors
  • Provide spot cooling in high temperature areas
  • Great for offices, server rooms and laboratories

Air Conditioners

5-80 Ton Units

These air conditioning systems include Hybrid Units and Industrial High-Static. Hybrid Units provide cooling, heating, dehumidification, 100% return air or 100% outside air operations. These units feature large cooling and heating capacities and Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) speed control high-static evaporator fans.

Features and applications include:
  • User-friendly temperature controls
  • Convenient electrical and ductwork connections
  • Rental-ready construction, controls, safeties and duct connections
  • Ideal for data centers and multi-story buildings


5-80 Ton Units

Chilled Water Air Handlers are designed to provide large volume cooling with an economical footprint and quiet sound level. Used in conjunction with a chilled water source, the units provide variable cooling capacity with an integrated variable speed drive. Designed for ultra-quick connection of ducting.

Features and applications include:
  • Forklift slots for easy mobility
  • Quiet operation
  • Horizontal includes supply & return air duct connections, VFD controlled indoor air blower
Emergency Response

Your emergency is Herc Rentals' emergency. No matter what the disaster may be, Herc Rentals specializes in getting you back up and running following a disaster. Herc Rentals' specialized fleet of pump, power, dehumidification, debris removal, air quality control and drying equipment is always primed and ready to be deployed to impacted areas.

Expertise Extends Beyond Equipment

Herc Rentals disaster recovery features a fully-trained team of remediation and recovery experts who are available to customers around the clock. These teams are strategically placed throughout North America and can be mobilized at a moment's notice.

Instant Response Remediation Vehicle

This vehicle is loaded with the right equipment for all your remediation, restoration and portable cooling needs. Don't wait for disaster to strike. Set up your disaster plan today.

Climate & Remediation Center

Herc Rentals reacts quickly and efficiently to any disaster ― large or small scale. By having fully dedicated facilities to house specialized equipment and on-site experts, Herc Rentals has positioned itself to be able to provide immediate support for water or climate remediation stemming from natural disasters and other catastrophic events.


“Due to inclement weather, we haven’t had power at our Charlestown Elementary School or our school bus garage since last Wednesday. We also haven’t had school since last Tuesday due to the snow so everyone wanted us to open. On Friday, when it appeared that we may not get our power back by Monday, Rich Krumrine, Supervisor of Buildings and Grounds, suggested we call Herc Rentals and see what they could do under the U.S. Communities contract. Over the weekend, they delivered a large generator for the school and a smaller one for our bus garage so that we could have school today. For a contract that I didn’t think we were big enough to use, they really bailed us out today."  

Chuck Linderman, Director of Business Affairs
Great Valley School District; Malvern, PA 

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