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We're more than just printers and copiers. We transform the way people work and communicate. With our expertise in capturing, managing and transforming information, we deliver a broad portfolio of services and technologies that empower digital workplaces. By providing you with the ability to collaborate anytime, anywhere with real-time exchanges of ideas, we can help you innovate, grow and work smarter.

Ricoh is committed to assisting governmental agencies and nonprofit organizations in transforming the way you work. Through our relationship with U.S. Communities, Ricoh is uniquely positioned to help your organization take full advantage of the latest workplace technology. U.S. Communities participants now have a publicly-solicited cooperative contract that allows them to take advantage of the full power of Ricoh’s technology and services portfolio. Ricoh is assisting organizations, both public and private in addressing their information security and compliance, sustainability, process improvement and cost optimization efforts. 

About Ricoh USA, Inc.

Since our beginning in 1962 as the regional headquarters of Ricoh Company, Ltd., Ricoh USA, Inc. has been on the forefront of workplace innovation. Back then, that meant creating the first office fax machine, enabling people to work smarter, better and faster than ever before. Today, it means reimagining workplaces to help you collaborate and exchange ideas — wherever and whenever you are — so you can drive the results you want. As for tomorrow, that vision is already taking shape in our minds and labs. And as digital workplaces continue to change the way we work, our imagination will continue to help you work smarter.

Managed Print Services

Lower printing costs

Prepare to be surprised by how much you can reduce costs, decrease waste and tighten security in your print environment when you outsource print services. A modern, efficient infrastructure also includes analytics capabilities that enable ongoing improvements in user satisfaction, cost containment and data protection.

Start with a comprehensive assessment

Measure and control your printing costs with Cost Management, which includes visibility into who's using your print devices and how they're used, anti-waste safeguards and chargeback capabilities.

  • Centralized Printing Solutions encompass right-sizing your distributed printer fleet, oversight of devices and technical support. After developing a customized print management strategy, we'll staff, equip and manage your print environment.
  • Managed Print Services optimize output management processes and technology throughout your organization to improve how you create, store, use and protect information. We'll scrutinize mobile printing, copy/print centers, records, enterprise content management and other areas before implementing a strategy and central point of control.

Simplify technology decisions with managed print services

  • Technology Services focus on having the right technologies in place and optimizing device use with multiple support options. In addition to print devices, our team can install and maintain Intelligent Lockers, Interactive Flat Panel Displays and other productivity tools. The technologies available through Printer Management and Security track device usage, generate reports, automate certain manual functions and implement security measures.
  • The Print Platform Cloud Service allows you to reduce IT staffing levels and decrease the time you spend managing your infrastructure. Move printing to the cloud to streamline authentication, compliance, mobile access, software updates and more.
Records Digitization

Go digital for the right reasons

Paper files and records slow down things essential to your growth: research, analysis, decisions, competitiveness and responsiveness. Going digital makes sense for cost, efficiency and risk reduction reasons, and for transforming information so it's useful, accessible and searchable. Data capture services, as well as onsite, cloud and hybrid data storage options, enable flexible approaches to meet security, governance and compliance requirements.

Communicate and collaborate effectively

Accelerate a digital journey for any business, including state and local government, with Digitization and Data Processing. Our business process outsourcing experts will scan paper documents, organize your digital content and set up workflows within your CMS, CRM or other systems.

Serve students and families better and faster while lowering your operational costs with K-12 Records Management. Our K-12 experts will help you figure out a digital strategy, then implement and support it. For higher educational institutions, Student Records allows you to scan and capture student records and manage them centrally through all stages of the college experience. Improve student-teacher collaboration by integrating your learning management systems.

Reach your goals with records digitization

The Township of Springwater worked with Ricoh to implement a first-of-its-kind digital records management system to improve their document storage and deliver system helping to decrease storage space, save staff time and improve resident satisfaction. 

Learn How They Did It

Enterprise Content Management

Control your information your way

The faster you can manage and share information accurately, the more you can increase productivity and decrease costs. But manual processes, paper documents, siloed data storage and lack of data security stand in your way. Address these and other challenges with solutions that are tailored to fit your organization's size and objectives.

Focus on operational excellence

  • Web-based Enterprise Content Management Services organize your information in a central repository and make it easy to access anytime from any device with robust security controls. Digital workflows speed collaboration and simplify compliance efforts.
  • Use Advanced Document Capture Services to digitize information that's trapped on paper and organize it onsite or in the cloud so workers can find and use information easily.
  • Forms Management Services help you convert paper to e-forms, making forms easy to edit and send through automated review and approval steps - and eliminating preprinted forms.
  • Web Content Management Services enable digital marketing automation and allow you to deliver a personalized experience for each visitor - no technical skills required.
Cloud & IT Services/Analytics

Accelerate digitally-dependent objectives

How and when should you use the cloud and/or outsource IT functions? It depends. We can help you strike the right balance among considerations that include performance, staffing, data security, computing flexibility and budget. IT Strategy & Consulting Services consist of IT advisory services for efficiently planning and executing IT projects, and IT Project Based Services minimize your risk and cost by providing experienced IT people and equipment for projects such as technology updates or data center moves.

Fine tune your IT environment

IT Management & Support Services include ongoing monitoring and management of your infrastructure, allowing you to reassign your IT resources to strategic issues. Reduce complexity and scale services as needed through Managed Cloud Services, which span public, private and hybrid cloud options. Obtain always-up-to-date tools like Office 365™, Skype® for Business, VoIP and more with hosted End User Communications Services. Take advantage of Data Center Services to store and safeguard your data in a center managed by us and to extend your IT presence geographically by leveraging our technical support people. When you're ready to apply business intelligence to measure progress against goals or to visualize operational scenarios, consider RICOH Analytics.

Improve student outcomes in educational environments

IT Services for Education help to reduce cost, enable collaboration, tighten data security and streamline compliance processes. Eliminate servers by migrating applications to the cloud. Integrate new digital learning platforms, mobile access and other technology. Lighten the load of your IT staff by shifting help desk and IT maintenance responsibilities to us.

Questions about working with Ricoh or setting up an account? Contact Mike Stowell at 800-276-9764 or uscommunities@ricoh-usa.com.

Digital Lockers

Help safeguard valuables in shared workspaces  

Allow workers to securely store their belongings.
More and more organizations today are embracing a mobile workforce. If you’re one of them, you probably have a busy office full of employees, visitors and clients coming and going — without assigned workstations for every individual on site.

With our Intelligent Lockers system, everyone in the office can have a safe, easily accessible place to store their belongings. Lockers can be reserved, assigned, and reassigned dynamically. It's an ideal solution for flexible or open corporate workspaces, as well as mobile workforces that often have staff on site.

Smart Storage with Intelligent Lockers

Secure Places for Shared Spaces
Classroom Innovation

Deliver a modern educational experience

Student outcomes are influenced by many factors, including the ease with which teachers, administrators and students can communicate and collaborate. Outdated technologies and manual processes can slow down productivity, lower participation and increase frustration - especially for digital natives.

K-12 Learning Innovation Services provide educational technologies designed to increase teacher-student engagement. Enhance learning environments with video access for distance learning, interactive flat panel displays, mobile access, cloud services and more. For higher education, our consulting team delivers Digital Campus Solutions that move IT infrastructure to the cloud, enable campus-wide collaboration, provide cyber security and more.

Improve workplace productivity

  • Collaboration Services boost efficiency with cloud unified communications that support conferencing and messaging services, visual communications such as interoperable videoconferencing and interactive flat panel displays, and VoIP services for smooth, around-the-clock telephony.
  • Facilities & Workplace Management Services help make the best use of your real estate. After analyzing configurations, lighting, furniture, AV equipment and other elements, we'll convert legacy spaces into modern, efficient offices.
  • Intelligent Locker Services provide temporary, secure storage for small assets, personal belongings, mail and packages. The cloud-based management system makes it easy to assign and release the electronic lockers, and it tracks all transactions.
Success Stories

Blue Valley Schools
As more time was being spent on paperwork and dealing with device issues educators had less time to focus classroom preparation and instruction. On top of this they needed to find a solution that would meet the needs of staff spread across 41 different buildings. Blue Valley schools turned to Ricoh who was able to streamline services saving user time and providing on-site technicians to manage requests and preventive care. Learn More.

Maricopa County Attorney's Office

With over 35,000 felony criminal cases a year and a robust civil roster MACO has been able to leverage Open Axes as a Ricoh eDiscovery Managed Services to provide a cost effect solution that is streamlining their business processes. With the new data filtering and tagging features available they are able to cull down the same about of data that previously took them 6 weeks, in just 3.5 hours. Learn More.

Shawnee Mission School District

Ricoh helps Shawnee Mission School District significantly lower costs, encourage greater collaboration, revitalize its print center, reduce its environmental impact and make information work for all of its teachers, students and staff. Results include 50% drop in printing, $750,000 hard costs/paper savings and over 5,000 trees saved. Learn More.

City of Ocean City, NJ

By completing a comparison of cooperative contracts and choosing the U.S. Communities' Ricoh contract The City of Ocean City, NJ was able to save $225,585 over a 60-month contract, save on paper and per copy costs, eliminate downtime for users and toner expenses for maintaining separate fax machines. Learn More.


How do I place an order with Ricoh?

  1. Locate a dealer in your area. 
  2. Select location.
  3. Select product category you are interested in.

Can we use local dealers with this contract?
Yes, there are over 600 direct branch and independent authorized dealer locations from coast to coast.

What acquisition methods are available?
Cash Purchase, 6-72 month Operating (Fair Market Value) or Capital ($1 Buyout leases).

Is there a rental plan available?
Yes. Check with your local provider for availability and pricing.  Note that rentals are designed for short term needs and typically are not as cost-effective as lease programs.

Fairfax County negotiated six different agreements for purchase, leases, maintenance agreements, software financing, on/off-site labor, professional and IT services. View Ricoh Contract for more information.

For some public organizations, Ricoh may be able to simply use a customer’s purchase order as the sole contracting document for the transaction. Ricoh has specific language that must be included on the PO, or listed on a separate document, titled “Attachment”, “Appendix” or similar. That document would then be referenced in the PO. Below is the language for leases and purchases.

Lease + Maintenance
This Purchase Order incorporates by reference the lease and maintenance terms and conditions outlined in the U.S. Communities Master Lease Agreement (Rev. 04/15) and U.S. Communities Equipment Sale and Maintenance Agreement of U.S. Communities Contract No. 4400003732, as amended, which terms and conditions (a) shall supersede all conflicting other terms and conditions of this Purchase Order, whether annexed or incorporated into this Purchase Order, and (b) to the extent applicable, are amended by the U.S. Communities addendum attached to this Purchase Order. All references to “Schedule” in the Contract shall mean this Purchase Order whether executed or not.

Purchase and/or Maintenance
This Purchase Order incorporates by reference the terms and conditions in the U.S. Communities Equipment Sale and Maintenance Agreement of U.S. Communities Contract No. 4400003732, as amended, which terms and conditions shall supersede all conflicting other terms and conditions of this Purchase Order, whether annexed or incorporated into this Purchase Order.

Are supplies included in my maintenance pricing?
For multi-function devices (MFD’s), maintenance pricing includes all parts, labor and supplies (including staples, but excluding paper). For other hardware, such as printers, duplicators and wide-format devices the maintenance program includes parts and labor, but no supplies.  It is possible to be quoted a supply-inclusive maintenance agreement on printers through the Managed Print Services portion of this award, when requested.

What is Managed Document Services (MDS)? How is this different than Managed Print Services (MPS)?
Ricoh builds on the traditional MPS model that focuses on output devices and print management. This can be as simple as providing break/fix maintenance on your current printer fleet to a full-scale analysis of all printing throughout your organization.

Ricoh MDS addresses the business practices surrounding the management of both print and electronic information. 

Is it possible to enter into a purchase, lease or service agreement that has a term that extends past the current contract expiration date?
Yes, because the contract was set up in the current award period, all terms, conditions and pricing for any agreement executed prior to the end of the current award #440003732 will be honored and remain in effect for the term of that contract. This includes any and all service level agreements (SLA's).

Where can I find the product pricing?
Current pricing through in the member login site or can be provided by your Ricoh Family Group local sales representative.

Learn more about these services from Ricoh. 
Managed Print Services | Records Digitization | Enterprise Content Management | Cloud & IT Services/Analytics | Classroom Innovation

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