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Shred-it is the largest document destruction company in the world.

In the more than 30 years since our inception, we have developed proprietary technologies, exclusive protocols and practices, and innovative products and services, designed exclusively to protect businesses of any size from the ongoing threats and risks of workplace privacy breaches.

As the trusted choice for paper shredding and document destruction for government agencies large and small, universities and colleges, police forces and military, Shred-it can take your privacy protection to the next level keeping private information out of the wrong hands.

The integrated suite of Shred-it products and services are all designed to protect the things that matter most, every single day. They include:

  • Secure Document Destruction
  • Hard Drive Destruction
  • Workplace Security Policies & Training

And they're all delivered through our Secure Chain of Custody by Shred-it Information Security Professionals.

How it Works

Document & Media Destruction

Step 1: Get a customized quote for the services you need.

Step 2: Choose when and where you want your service.

Step 3: We arrive on the scheduled date, collect your confidential information, and securely destroy it.

Step 4: All services come with a Certificate of Destruction for your records. All destroyed paper is 100% securely recycled.

Medical Waste & Sharps MailBack

For additional information on how to utilize the medical waste and sharps mailback program, please view the specific How to Order information. 

Universal Waste MailBack

For additional information on the universal waste recycling such as batteries and light bulbs, call 866-569-5408 and mention you are a part of U.S. Communities to ensure you receive the contract pricing.

For additional questions, please contact uscommunities@shredit.com or 855-856-4805. 

Document Destruction

Regular Document Destruction

Get the unique benefits of regularly scheduled paper shredding service

  • FREE on-site risk assessment
  • Secure, locked containers in your office
  • Complimentary Workplace Privacy Policies
  • Regularly scheduled pick-ups
  • State-of-the-art Secure Chain of Custody at every touchpoint
  • A Certificate of Destruction after every service
  • All shredded paper is 100% securely recycled

On-Demand Document Destruction

Perfect for customers with a one-time need

  • Easy, on-demand scheduling of your service
  • Easy add-on to regularly scheduled service
  • Any number of boxes: just a few or a full storage room
  • Provided by Certified Security Representatives
  • Barcode scanning, integral to our Secure Chain of Custody
  • Shred-it Certificate of Destruction following your service
  • Helps ensure compliance with privacy legislation
  • All shredded paper is 100% recycled locally

To Learn More
If you would like to learn more about Shred-it’s information security services and take advantage of contract pricing, please request information.  

Hard Drive and E-Media Destruction

Shred-it applies the same proven, state-of-the-art, chain of custody protocols for hard drive destruction as we do for document destruction, ensuring safe, secure destruction of your media.

  • Regularly scheduled pick-ups or on-demand service
  • A secure chain of custody at every touchpoint
  • A certificate of hard drive destruction after each service
  • Material is securely recycled with local partners

To Learn More
If you would like to learn more about Shred-it’s information security services and take advantage of contract pricing, please request information.  

Medical Waste & Sharps MailBack
Medical Waste MailBack
Sharps MailBack

Medical Waste & Sharps MailBack Overview
Through Stericycle, this contract provides a safe, environmentally-friendly and cost-effective solution for medical waste and sharps management.

This includes custom-designed systems, FDA approved mailable sharps containers and/or medical waste pails, a prepaid postage return-by-mail shipping box, manifest and instructions for easy use. Once full, return the container in the provided packaging for destruction at a Stericycle treatment facility. Proof of proper disposal is then provided for your records.

Who Should Use This? 
These solutions are ideal for the following audiences:

  • Alternate Site Medical Facilities
  • Pharmacies
  • Diabetics
  • Home Healthcare
  • Offices
  • Educational Facilities
  • Law Enforcement Agencies
  • Fire Stations
  • Transportation & Hospitality
  • Gyms
  • Parks
  • Camp Grounds
  • Janitorial & Maintenance
  • Public Restrooms

How to Order

  • Call today to setup account: 866-780-2141
  • Once your account has been established, please use the MyStericycle Resource Guide to learn how to register your account.
  • Once you are registered follow these steps.
  • Login to your MyStericycle.com account
  • Once logged in, click on the tab “Shop for Products” then visit this page to take advantage of your contract pricing.

To learn more about your mailback systems, please use the Mailback Systems Resource Guide

Universal Waste MailBack

Stericycle Environmental Solutions’ Universal Waste MailBack recycling service provides a low-cost, fully compliant recycling options that facilitates EPA, OSHA and DOT-compliant recycling and management of materials ranging from light bulbs and batteries, to lighting ballasts and more.

The Universal Waste MailBack Recycling Program was created as an easy-to-use collection system for small quantity recycling. The DOT and EPA compliant packaging will be delivered to and picked up from your specified location via common carrier. Each container will have a prepaid shipping label for tracking purposes as well.

Who should use this?
Anyone that has light bulbs, batteries, and other waste considered universal waste by the EPA. 

How to Order
Call: 866-569-5408 and make sure you mention you are a part of U.S. Communities!

To Learn More
If you would like to learn more about how to dispose of other items such as electronic waste, chemicals and more, just visit: www.stericycleenvironmental.com

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