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  • New Interpretation and Translation Services Contract

    We are excited to announce that Language Select has been awarded a multi-year award to provide interpretation and translation services and related services and solutions.Through this contract, you’ll have access to services from an elite group of language professionals that help agencies facilitate clear communication eliminating any language or cultural barriers. Whether it is to assist with communication during a life threatening emergency or help with a business transaction, Language Select can help. Listen now!

  • New Contract Webinar: Equipment & Truck Rentals, Sales & Services

    We are excited to announce the new U.S. Communities contract for equipment rentals and related products and services has been awarded to Big Truck Rental and Herc Rentals. This contract was awarded through a competitive solicitation process conducted by lead public agency, Charlotte, North Carolina. Whether you are interested in renting equipment or planning for disaster recovery, you can take advantage of this new contract. Listen Now!

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