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Emerging School Business Leaders Scholarship


Testimonials from the Emerging School Business Leaders Scholarship Recipients of 2017

The best part was the coordination of events that brought our cohort together and bestowed a sense of connection and professional support. - Kim Aguiar

The Emerging School Business Leaders Scholarship provided me with an opportunity unlike anything else. It was truly a great experience! - Tyler Moore

Experience is not only what happens to us but also what we do with what happens to us. Strive to be an exceptional SBO! - Trisha Schock

I highly recommend pursuing the Emerging School Business Leaders Scholarship. There is no better way to experience the national conference and you will take away tremendous knowledge as well as make networking connections and friends along the way. - Karri Burgess

Outstanding opportunity to enhance my knowledge and business contacts in school business and open the door to future ASBO professional development opportunities. - Christopher May

The scholarship program enabled me to attend my first ASBO conference. I was able to network and learn from a diverse group with similar daily challenges. - Leanne Martin

This was an experience like none other. I learned so many things and met many people who will help me throughout the rest of my career. - Jeremy Struss

Even though we all have different funding/legislatures, we still share the common problems. This program has allowed us to make connections with other states to use resources (something I would have never thought to do). This was a truly great opportunity. I would love to be a mentor next year. - Valerie Varhalla

Excellent way to engage and learn with our peers who are all in this profession together! - Lindsay Joerns

Thank you very much for this opportunity — it was very valuable and I hope to repay the investment in the years to come. - Dana Miller

ASBO International allows business officials the opportunity to network with their peers and grow through professional development opportunities. - Tracy Moerer

A great opportunity that everyone should apply for. Great staff and great conference. - Kent Kindschy

ESBL Scholarship is an outstanding program that provided me with the opportunity to meet people facing the same challenges and to network. Both are priceless and essential to the success of my district and for my career. - Unknown