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BI Overview

Providing Government Agencies with Complete Electronic Monitoring Solutions

BI Incorporated offers a complete continuum of reliable monitoring technologies and services for low- to high-risk community-based offenders. Electronic monitoring is a safe, cost-effective and efficient way to monitor offenders as they live and work in the community.

BI offers correctional agencies more than a dozen compliance technologies that can be applied in flexible configurations, including:

  1. Global Positioning Satellite (GPS) technology to enhance compliance.
  2. Court admissible, transdermal and breath alcohol monitoring devices to accurately test sobriety.
  3. Accurate radio frequency solutions, ideal for monitoring compliance to curfews and other defined locations.
  4. Electronic monitoring software solutions that provide agencies with analytics, a mobile app designed to effectively enhance supervision, and a web-based monitoring platform.
  5. Equipment-free, automated voice verification system to effectively monitor individuals using biometric voiceprints.
  6. An array of monitoring services, including monitoring operations, administrative support, and data management to meet each agency’s unique needs and budgets.
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By partnering with BI, agencies can leverage the breadth of our resources and sophisticated infrastructure. Our innovative monitoring solutions can be tailored to meet agency goals and budgets, while meeting the needs of the individuals under community supervision.


When choosing electronic monitoring technology, you’ll want proven systems backed by industry experts. 

BI SmartLINK™ is a mobile monitoring app that enables supervising officers and case managers to keep offenders focused on the conditions of release via their smartphone or tablet. By leveraging the tools built in today’s mobile devices, pretrial services, probation and parole officers can verify a participant’s identity, determine their location, and quickly collect status change information. BI SmartLINK also links offenders to helpful community connections that keep them engaged in positive activities.

Introducing the BI AnalyticsSM Suite, an industry-exclusive analytics software package that revolutionizes the way agencies use electronic monitoring data. Using advanced statistical software, the Suite is the first authentic analysis tool to incorporate client behavior and calculate potential risk. This latest innovation from BI provides officers and managers with a convenient tool to quickly target and address issues that impact the overall health of an agencies monitoring program. The Suite includes distinct modules, Priority and Proximity, each accessible via BI TotalAccess®.

BI LOC8™ is one of the most advanced GPS electronic monitoring systems available today. The curved ankle-bracelet design is discreet and fits comfortably around the ankle. LOC8’s simple-to-swap battery system ensures no interruption in service, and our revolutionary multiple location technology provides dependable offender tracking. If you are looking for an innovative, practical, and reliable GPS monitoring solution, look no further than LOC8.

BI ExacuTrack® One is a single, ankle-monitored active tracking unit that relies on available GPS data and other location monitoring technologies to accurately track an offender’s movements within local communities.
Download Q&A with Senior Product Manager Jim Buck 

BI ExacuTrack® is a hybrid system of proven technologies, including radio frequency electronic monitoring, passive GPS, precise mapping software, and the internet. Together, these technologies provide a system that reliably and accurately logs an offender’s movements each day. 

BI HomeGuard® delivers a state-of-the-art radio frequency monitoring system that meets agency requirements for flexibility, reliability, and efficiency. Pairing traditional electronic monitoring components and unique service options, HomeGuard can be easily integrated with a variety of monitoring products or can be used alone as an effective curfew compliance system. 

BI Drive-BI® is a portable, handheld receiver that detects the presence of clients wearing BI HomeGuard® or BI TAD® transmitters from several hundred feet away. It enables officers to conveniently monitor clients from outside a home, work, school, or any location. 

Alcohol Compliance
If alcohol is the issue, BI’s sophisticated alcohol monitoring systems are the answer.

BI SL2 is a portable, pocket-sized alcohol monitoring device that detects the presence of alcohol through a deep lung breath sample. Tests include Adaptive Facial Recognition™ to ensure the client is accurately identified. A GPS location is determined during each test and results are promptly reported to the central monitoring computer system via cellular connection. 

BI TAD® combines robust transdermal alcohol monitoring with radio frequency curfew monitoring by continuously measuring alcohol content in an offender’s sweat. To accommodate the growing needs of clients without a landline connection, the TAD HomeBase is offered with cellular capability. 

Voice Verification
When you need a cost-effective, equipment-free solution, voice verification is smart. 

BI VoiceID® is an automated system that verifies each client’s identity through biometric “voice print” authentication. Requiring only a telephone to effectively monitor clients, officers do not have to manage any additional inventory, perform equipment installations, or recover lost equipment. 

Monitoring Service Solutions
Manage your data directly or use BI’s industry-leading national monitoring center service. 

BI TotalAccess® is the online software application that officers use to manage data, view participant status, and complete monitoring tasks in real-time. The system can be accessed 24x7 by officers from any web-based computer or mobile device, such as a smart phone or iPad. 

BI GuardServer®, powered by TotalAccess is a sophisticated monitoring system that allows agencies to manage and monitor offenders from their own office, without relying on the services of a third party. 

Custom Electronic Monitoring Programs
BI’s Electronic Monitoring Offices offer close supervision and many optional services. 

BI Electronic Monitoring Operations provides 24x7, high quality, uninterrupted equipment monitoring and case management services. Monitoring Operations offers multiple service levels and includes a substantial backup generator, redundant systems, as well as rigorously trained and certified personnel on all systems and procedures. 

Related Offerings
In addition to technology products, BI offers related products and services. 

BI’s Self-Pay Program offers a comprehensive offender billing package to assist agencies in collecting fees from clients enrolled in electronic monitoring. BI’s Self-Pay Program includes detailed invoices, online reports, and flexibility in determining rates and payment options.


Experience Counts. With more than 36 years of experience working with correctional agencies, BI is well aware of the challenges faced by these agencies. BI’s longevity stands as a testament to the company’s stability and ability to deliver products and services that meet and exceed expectations in the corrections community. And as the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) of all of their equipment, BI is able to offer end to end solutions from a single vendor to minimize agency risks. 

Financial Stability. BI is a division of the GEO Group, Inc. (GEO), a leading provider of correctional management and community-based treatment services. Supported by GEO’s annual revenues of $1.6 billion, BI’s strong financial resources offer a responsive and comprehensive support structure as well as the financial backing to continue to offer industry leading technologies and solutions. 

Leader and Innovator in the Electronic Monitoring Industry. In 1985, BI became the first company in the world to provide both electronic monitoring equipment and monitoring services. More than 119,000 participants are now monitored nationwide using BI equipment and services, either directly, through agency monitoring programs or through community corrections partners. 

Infrastructure in Place to Support Your Program. BI has the infrastructure and expertise to support broadly diverse program requirements. Our capabilities are derived from our ISO-certified manufacturing facility in Boulder, Colorado. BI provides 24x7 technical support and customer service that is thoroughly familiar with specific agency needs as well as large program requirements. 

Comprehensive Maintenance and Support. As a leading and trusted provider, BI delivers comprehensive operations, support, and maintenance for more than 1,550 agencies at federal, state, and local levels across the nation. BI’s maintenance and support infrastructure includes key components such as monitoring operations, technical infrastructure support, monitoring customer service, training services, administrative support, and account management. 

Large Field Sales Organization. Comprised of team members located across the country, these dedicated experts drive sales volumes and also provide program development, on-site support, and comprehensive training to customers. In addition, BI has a large team devoted solely to creating and updating training curricula. These specialists will ensure that all agencies receive the support and services required by this contracting vehicle. 

Dedicated Expert Key Personnel. The experience of BI’s Business Development, Project and Transition Management, Monitoring Operations, and Customer Support personnel provide superior support for all aspects of contract fulfillment at the local and national levels. 

Evidence-Based Reentry Programs. Decades of corrections research have shown that cognitive behavioral treatments are the most cost-effective way to reduce recidivism. BI has been providing community-based, cognitive behavioral services for over 15 years and work with each individual agency to create a customized program that exactly fits the specific agency needs and goals.


BI Incorporated (BI) offers a tiered pricing structure that enables agencies to be flexible while also receiving competitive pricing. BI’s proposal presents customizable offerings and options that supports a full range of products and services needed by the criminal justice industry. Each agency can select any or all of BI’s proposed standard products and also negotiate such options as a self-pay program, installation services, custom monitoring, alert investigation services, etc. BI’s solutions and competitive pricing allow criminal justice agencies to explore the use of day reporting center services, or other additional features such as customized reporting and offender treatment services. 

Not only will you receive the best overall government pricing on our products and solutions, but BI can also help agencies collect offender participation fees with its self-pay program. BI is proficient with establishing offender fee schedules that can help offset program costs. 

Initial training, refresher training as needed, and weekly or ad hoc training online for all users is included in the pricing. BI also has extensive experience developing agency-specific training that can be provided if needed at no additional charge. 

In most cases there are no minimum service requirements or spend limits associated with using the BI program.

Please contact us at 855-453-6042 for pricing details.


Getting Started

How do I start working with BI Incorporated (BI)?
Your agency must have a U.S. Communities specific account set up with BI to utilize the contract between U.S. Communities and BI. Choose one of the following ways to get started:  

  1. Contact our toll-free number at 855-453-6042
  2. E-mail us at USCommunities@bi.com and we will have someone call you back within 24 hours to handle your request
  3. Visit us at www.bi.com/uscommunities 

U.S. Communities Program FAQs

Who can participate?
Any government agency can participate, including state, county and city agencies.

My state requires local governments to bid everything. Can local governments in my state use this program without going out to bid?
Yes. This contract has been competitively bid by the City and County of Denver, a government agency. The contract contains language based on the lead jurisdiction “Joint Powers Authority” or “Cooperative Procurement” program. Applying these competitive principles satisfies the competitive procurement requirements for most states and local government agencies, but each state has its own laws, addressing intergovernmental purchasing by local government agencies. (See state-by-state laws on intergovernmental purchasing.) 

What does a government agency need to do in order to participate?
An agency needs to complete the free online registration found on the U.S. Communities website. During the registration process, you will be asked to mark suppliers you are interested in. The suppliers that you select will contact you with detailed pricing and ordering information. 

Is there a fee associated with joining U.S. Communities?
No, there are no costs or user fees to your local agency to participate or register. 

Does the competitive pricing apply, regardless of product or service?
Working with BI through the U.S. Communities program ensures agencies they are getting the most competitive prices for all offender monitoring products, services and solutions. In most cases there are no minimum service requirements or spend limits associated with using the BI program. 

Can more than one person at my agency register?
Yes, additional users can register by completing the standard registration process; the system will automatically unify all registrations that use the same PIN under one agency account. Alternatively, existing users can add new users from within their account. 

BI Program FAQs

How do you help prepare an agency during initial setup and throughout implementation of your program?
BI has extensive experience working with corrections agencies to successfully implement their programs. BI is well-versed in expected deliverables and achievable deadlines to meet implementation objectives. The comprehensive involvement from BI’s team helps ensure ongoing customer satisfaction, administrative and fiscal management of the program, the assurance of BI compliance with contract requirements and the coordination and delivery of equipment and services.

Initial training, refresher training as needed, and weekly or ad hoc online training for all users is included in the pricing. BI can also develop agency-specific training, which would be provided at no additional charge if needed. 

What is your company’s investment in technology and service programs, and how might registered agencies benefit?
BI is a world leader in the design and delivery of criminal justice technologies including electronic monitoring and alcohol compliance products and services. BI employs a large staff of mechanical, electrical, and computer science engineering personnel who work every day to provide agencies with the latest technologies and advancements in tracking technology, secure data processing, and communications. BI recently spent over $3 million in research and development that resulted in breakthrough technology in the industry, including a revolutionary transdermal alcohol detection device and the latest development in GPS tracking technology. 

BI also offers an unparalleled range of reentry treatment and community-based services to federal, state, and local government agencies. With over 16 years of experience providing evidence-based reentry services, BI currently has 15 residential and 70 non-residential day Reporting Centers (DRCs) across the United States. This experience allows BI to continually invest in improving the quality of our programs and client care, while simultaneously expanding our scope of services to meet and exceed industry needs. 

BI remains committed to staying abreast of technology advancements and evolving rehabilitation trends and actively works with our technology and community partners to ensure that agencies have the latest relevant technology and services available. With this dedication and experience, your agency can be confident in selecting BI, where your success is dependent on a company who has the financial backing, technical competency, and industry expertise to quickly adapt to the evolving needs of the corrections industry.


BI’s Customer Business Services (CBS) department provides administrative support for equipment order placement, product servicing, and customer invoicing. CBS representatives coordinate timely shipments and returns, resolve customer billing inquiries, provide cost estimates, and status reports for returned or repaired items.

Please contact us at 855-453-6042 for shipping details.

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