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Overview & Mission

Our Mission

The mission of Democracy Live is to offer interactive, 21st century balloting tools to each of the 200 million eligible voters in the U.S., while providing compelling and cost efficient products to our public sector clients.

At Democracy Live, we believe that a one size fits all balloting system does not work well for election officials or voters. Democracy Live seeks to revolutionize the voting process by allowing voters to access their balloting information anytime and anywhere, on mobile devices, tablets and computers. We also recognize that election administrators highly value a balanced and functional budget, which is why our company strives to ensure that our tools increase voter participation, are cost effective, and create efficiencies that improve the delivery and processing of ballots. In 2010, Democracy Live released our LiveBallot application to make it possible for voters with disabilities, voters in the military, and Americans living abroad to access their local ballot materials online. With over 500 successful deployments to date, Democracy Live is the largest provider of web balloting in the United States.

Our Experience

The Democracy Live Team has over 100 years of combined Elections Administration & Voting Technology experience.

Founded in 2007 and based in Seattle, Washington with offices nationwide, Democracy Live has assembled a team of elections and voting technology experts, each bringing to the company a unique combination of knowledge, skills and abilities. The company boasts more than a century of combined state and local-level election administration and voting technology experience. This true election experience enables Democracy Live to readily understand and respond to the needs of our clients.

Democracy Live’s visionary leadership team together with the company’s outstanding technical and project management personnel has administered numerous projects of varying scope and complexity at the state, local and federal level. This experience and proven expertise assures our customers of a well-managed and successful project, with sensitivity to customer time and resource needs.

Services & Solutions

Our Platform & Solution Suite

Used in over 500 elections by U.S. voters in over 90 countries from Antarctica to Zambia, Democracy Live’s LiveBallot Platform offers military, disabled and remote voters an interactive, federally approved balloting system.


LiveBallot supports the following innovative balloting solutions:

√ LiveBallot Web Balloting (UOCAVA & Voters with Disabilities): Electronic ballot delivery via secure Microsoft Cloud for Government (Azure) to voters with disabilities, U.S. military and overseas voters.

 √ LiveBallot Accessible Sample Ballot: Web and mobile-based accessible, voter-specific sample ballot compliant with all major screen readers, tactile switches, closed captioning and sip and puff systems.

Democracy Live technologies have received funding from both the U.S. Department of Defense and the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services for the company’s military and disabled voter solutions. Democracy Live is the only balloting provider to be awarded funding from the U.S. Election Assistance Commission (EAC) for the company’s work with accessible voting technologies.

  • Easy to use, turn-key system
  • Saves time & resources
  • Complies with all current federal accessibility standards and protocols
  • 100% MOVE Act ready
  • Proven in over 500 U.S. elections
  • Voters can print reference sheet or use mobile sample ballot app to shorten wait times at polling places
  • Ensures all voters have equal access to balloting information with privacy and independence
  • Balloting and voter registration information is uploaded via the highly secure Microsoft Cloud for Government
  • Approved by the US Dept. of Health and Human Services for funding with HAVA Section 261 Grant funding

Who can use LiveBallot?
Our customers can be anyone who runs an election, whether to elect the President of the United States or a Board of Directors of a private organization. Our products deliver ballots and voter information electronically to voters wherever they are, from a Marine stationed in the Mideast to a missionary in Africa. The information we provide is designed to be accessible to voters regardless of their ability or location, allowing everyone to participate in the electoral process with independence and secrecy.  

What is needed from a jurisdiction to begin using LiveBallot?
Simply upload ballot PDFs once to the secure Microsoft Cloud for Government in less than 30 minutes staff time and Democracy Live will do the rest. 

Is the LiveBallot Accessible Sample Ballot ADA compliant?
Yes, the web-based technology exceeds the requirements of Section 508 in the American Disabilities Act and complies with the highest levels of web accessibility, the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG 2.0). 

How many elections have used LiveBallot?
Over 500. 

What is LiveBallot’s track record?
LiveBallot has been successfully deployed in 100% of all elections where the data was available. 

How does a military or overseas (UOCAVA) voter receive their ballot?
UOCAVA voters will receive an automated email with a link to the balloting tool. 

What does UOCAVA stand for?
UOCAVA - Uniformed and Overseas Citizens Absentee Voting Act, a 1986 U.S. federal law, requires that all U.S. citizens residing overseas be allowed to register and vote by absentee ballot in federal elections. 

Are there overvote/undervote warnings?

Is there technical support provided by Democracy Live?
Yes, Democracy Live maintains a 24/7/365 call center to answer questions from election officials and voters, plus an extensive training program to make our systems easy to use. 

Who do I contact for more information about the contract?
Request contact or send an email to uscommunities@democracylive.com.


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LiveBallot Web Balloting is electronic ballot delivery via secure Microsoft Azure Government Cloud to voters with disabilities, U.S. military, and overseas voters. LiveBallot is the most deployed and proven web based, turn-key, ballot delivery platform in the U.S. and has been deployed in hundreds of elections. LiveBallot saves time and resources and is 100% ADA Compliant and MOVE Act Compliant.