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Case Studies

Graybar is more than an electrical supplies distributor. We've helped schools save money by retrofitting their lighting systems along with providing telecommunications and safety solutions. Learn how Graybar has helped other schools by reading our case studies below and see out how we can work to your advantage.

Graybar Helps Make Cranston High School East a Safer Learning Institution

By engaging Graybar and taking advantage of the U.S.Communities Contract, the City of Cranston purchased a comprehensive security solution that fit their budget and prepared them for future expansion. The school’s investments are now protected and their most important assets, the Thunderbolts, can feel safe and focus on their studies.

Graybar Brings Surveillance System to UNA Campus

UNA contacted Graybar to discuss surveillance camera systems for the campus parking deck as well as the library, science and courtyard areas. The cameras will provide the university with an additional investigative tool and the surveillance footage will also be routed to the UNA Police Department and stored.

Chicago-Area School District Lights Up its Learning Environment with LED Luminaires

Graybar assisted with re-lighting 480 classrooms across 14 campuses with integrated LED lighting and controls from Acuity Brands. With the new energy efficient lighting, there was an immediate 40 percent reduction in wattage used, which resulted in dramatically lower energy costs – even when classroom lights are left on.

Graybar Helps Tippecanoe Valley School Corporation Upgrade School and Gymnasium Lighting

Thanks to the lighting upgrades in the gymnasiums, Tippecanoe Valley School Corporation is expected to save approximately $7,391 in the first year in energy and maintenance costs.

Graybar Teams Up With Local Community College for Auditorium Lighting Retrofit

Graybar recently helped the Haywood Community College in Clyde, N.C. save an estimated $6,000 annually by retrofitting the lighting system of its auditorium with a combination of Metalux Encounter™ and SkyRidge™ LEDs from Eaton's Cooper Lighting Business.

Graybar Helps Notre Dame Score High Marks on Sustainability

By analyzing and upgrading the lighting system in more than 80 buildings, Graybar and GE helped Notre Dame save approximately $550,000 in annual energy costs.


Parking Lot Lighting Upgrade Helps Reduce Energy Costs for California Community College

Graybar helped Chabot-Las Positas Community College reduce energy consumption by 50 percent.



Graybar Brings Great Lighting and Energy Savings to the Raleigh Convention Center

The Raleigh Convention Center exhibit hall lighting upgrades have helped to significantly reduce energy usage and related maintenance by an estimated 318,230W per day.


Do you have the right lighting solutions for your school? Graybar can help! With a proven process for lighting retrofits and a wide range of solutions to meet your needs let us show you how we can work to your advantage.

Sports Lighting

The All Field Series is ideal solution for professional caliber outdoor sports lighting with features designed with municipal, high school, collegiate and semi-professional outdoor sport venues in mind. Offering versatility for any outdoor sport including football, soccer, baseball, lacrosse and field hockey, the All Field light delivers maintenance-free, professional sports lighting with a great return on investment.

Lighted Bollards

Calpipe's architectural lighted bollards are designed to deter vehicles, guide pedestrians and illuminate walkways. These bollards are anchored to a baseplate or flush mount base foundation, which makes them easy to install in almost any location. Security lighted bollards provide impact resistance while illuminating the surrounding area. Unlike concrete lighted bollards, stainless steel bollards can withstand harsh weather environments, resulting in an overall longer product lifecycle.

Sensor Switches

Constantly changing energy codes can leave you stuck with outdated equipment, requiring a host of switches, sensors, and powerpacks to remain compliant. The WSX D Dimming Occupancy Wall Switch by Sensor Switch simplifies your electrical installation by combining dimming, occupancy sensing, and photocontrol features into one efficient device. Save money and stay ahead of changing energy codes with the easy-to-use WSX D Dimming Occupancy Wall Switch.

Click here to learn more about lighting solutions with Graybar.


With Graybar's knowledge of government, private and carrier funding programs, we can help your institution solve financial challenges and provide the telecommunications solutions your school and students deserve.

Talkaphone - K-12 Security & Life Safety Communications Solutions

From the classroom to the playground, Talkaphone offers powerful instant emergency communication, area lighting, gate access, paging and video surveillance options that your school needs to be safer and stay better connected. In addition, our Wide-Area Emergency Broadcast System (WEBS®) technology provides mass broadcasts and notifications that keep classrooms, offices, buildings, outdoor areas and entire districts connected.

Distributed Antenna Solutions

Your school may be challenged when it comes to campus-wide wireless coverage. Every building, athletic facility and open area needs to be covered to ensure constant communication and safety. Equipping your campus with a Distributed Antenna System (DAS) provides campus security and public safety first responders with more effective and reliable communication. Graybar's carrier-neutral solutions enable mobile communications inside and outside of buildings, eliminating dead zones and weak coverage.

Network Infrastructure Solutions for Education

Through its high-performance SYSTIMAX® and Uniprise® solutions, CommScope increases the capabilities and improves the cost-effectiveness of your network while implementing converged voice, video and data. Leveraging these services in a multimedia learning environment, you'll dramatically improve your educational resources.


Graybar is a trusted adviser in providing unique safety and security solutions for your school or campus. We are the exclusive distributor of AMX SchoolView, a hardware and software package for K-12 and university applications. Imagine a system that gives administrators and police instant audio/visual access into a classroom in the event of a medical issue, behavior problem or a live security challenge - all at the command of your teacher. The AMX package uses existing school systems and infrastructure where possible.

AMX SchoolView features:

The SchoolView ResQ voice amplification system includes a discreet emergency notification feature that delivers a new approach to school safety. The small audio pendant with built-in panic-button, addresses the sudden conditions of a classroom threat or other emergency.


SchoolView Signage is a simple, intuitive digital signage solution that allows staff to quickly create templates and content and publish content to each player, which is small enough to mount behind any display.


The SchoolView Bell & PA system consolidates multiple systems including bells, PA/intercom, remote audio, back¬ground music, and security camera feeds into a simple, user-friendly interface over a single network. SchoolView Bell & PA simplifies your bell schedule, uses standard MP3 bell tones and synchronized bells and clocks.